AppleLord wrote: Are these spoilers for Boruto story real?

Those posts are from April, Boruto didn't even come out until May.

Three of them are confirmed so far:

Mitsuki's Snake Sage mode which wasn't revealed until Boruto One-Shot "Naruto Gaiden: The Path That the Waxing Moon Illuminates" which came out on 23rd or 25th of April (those spoilers were posted on 21st April) & 2nd is Mirai incinerating Hidan, Adult Mirai wasn't introduced until "Naruto: Konoha's New Story — Steam Ninja Scrolls" Original Novel which came out on August 4 2016 & that was the first time when it was mentioned that Mirai can use Fire type Boruto and his team first missiom been the prologue for chapter 11.

If These Spoilers Were/Are Real, They'd Be Cool As Shit.

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