Ravenlot 27 wrote: @DuelMaster93, there were 6 tests for one Mitsuki to choose his own path, not the 6 clones who did each of them. Okay, at least Log is the first one, but there's no sigh of others. Orochimaru himself stated that it was the 6-th attemp and hopefully he didn't have to erase Mitsuki's memories once again, already the 7-th time.

No, from my understanding there is more than one Mitsuki. The adult Mitsuku isn't is his own character with his own memories and goals. They are in no way clones. They just so happened to be 6 artificially created humans made exactly the same way as each other (with maybe a few tweaks with each creation).
Right after Mitsuki woke up saying 'Who am I?', Orochimaru says 'this makes the 6th time'. He obviously means this is the 6th time a creation of his haw woken up asking themselves that question. It doesn't imply either way whether it's 6 different Mitsuki's who all did the same thing or one Mitsuki who did it 6 times. But given we know at least one other Mitsuki exist, I'd say it's pretty obvious it's 6 different Mitsukis.

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