So at this point lot of people see the resemblance and connection of Kagura and Yagura, and many believe him either to be a son or a brother, but wouldn't that just be ridiculous, apart from the aging difference, the factor that makes me think he's not a son, neither a brother is the scar beneath his eyes, like will my kid have a scar if I had one, nope.

I think he's Yagura himself, more like a reincarnation or who knows if someone revived him like Chiyo did for Gaara, maybe he's revived a few years back which is why he's not all that grown up, and being revived he's guilty that whatever mist had to go through was his fault and also the fact he did everything unwillingly.

Idk ,I just felt its Yagura himself, revived or reincarnated.

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