FishTank wrote:

Screenshot 2019-01-04 18.01.32

I wanted to run another design idea by you all. I'd like to consider moving the "edit" link in the infobox (seen in this screenshot) to a less obtrusive icon (that also won't show up in mobile). The proposed icons are:

  • an eye icon for "Browse" of the semantic data (though we could just as easily add that to the edit dropdown)
  • an image icon for image search, currently placed up against the title.
  • a pencil icon for form editing — It's actually redundant, given the "Edit with form" button for the article, but you may not want to get rid of it altogether.

The icons move to the next line (in this case) if the title is sufficient length, but placing them on their own line below the titles (regardless of the title length) is also a path we can take. Tell me what you think, and what you'd prefer.

Interesting modification. Personally I don't mind, but I'd rather have everything on one line if possible.

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