Jens Ingels wrote: God another episode where they pulled a Sakura on Sarada. Even the class rep had a better character development... I don't have the feeling the voice actress matches the Sarada good enouge. Also the voice of metal lee...

When I gave the first episode a 4/5. This one is only a 2/5. The fighting scene's where ok but the direction was totally off. The scene should have reflected that strategy should surpass strength what was totally not the case in this episode. You basicly pulled out any possible rival he could have in his class since he clearly surpassed them all just after his first day... It doesn't make sence add all that he could overpower a kid that is two years older than him and supposed to be a master in combat (seriously even the teachers find him strong and f*cking shino is their) suddenly lose against someone that just entered the school. Seriously he couldn't beat 10 non ninja users in the first episode and even had to use shadow clones against 4. The logic is just totally off. The last two episodes has been an ego trip so far while the the actually strategical fights we had hoped for just aren't their.

I really hope someone made a mess from the preview because they are going to kill Metal Lee ...

Actually I think the fight was more about standing up for what you believe in.

UltimaDude wrote: It's a meh episode. Like I said before, Sarada's new apparel is disgusting, but I guess it's not as bad since the anime is adapting to the superior artstyle. I also don't like how new characters are introduced in the Academy, yet were never seen in Gaiden, the movie, and the manga. It basically means that this arc is complete filler

I don't really think it is a filler arc since it's a completely new anime.

Lorenzo.r.1st wrote: lol at the same age? did u read the other comments? and by the way, didn't Naruto murder mizuki without kurama at all? exactly.

Actually he just beat him til he was unconscious didn't murder him.

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