Rachin123 wrote: I'm a fanboy too to some characters and I don't take it to heart cuz I know its true but I can put aside differences and be reasonable. Anyways I really hope that they fight at least cuz talk no jutsu is just so bland.

Man hoping there will be no talk no jutsu in a naruto v. sasuke fight is like hoping Orochimaru will not go Michael Jackson in a room full of young uchihas. Ok that last part was disturbing but you get my point.

I too want there to be more action and if Kishi puts in a flashback about naruto vs. sasuke in part 1 and about their "bonds" I am going to lose it.

Rather if there has to be flashbacks they should have Indra and Ashura's complete story, which is needed and more interesting than the stuff kishi recycles into every naruto vs. sasuke fight.

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