I believe that the concept of Hokage (at least the position) will be removed in the end of the series. Naruto will become the "Hokage" or accepted leader of the people and Sasuke will focus on restoring his clan.

Naruto will realize that both Sasuke and him (Ying and Yang) will need to work together to restore peace in the world. Just the efforts of one half will not work.

Also if you have all noticed Sasuke's ideologies have started to become similar to Danzo (Sasuke believes that the root of all evil is the Shinobi system and the mistakes of the previous kage). This ideology of a ideal Hokage is might cause a final clash between Naruto and Sasuke, in which they will either both die or resolve their issues (thus resolving the cycle of mutual destruction of Indra and Asura).

Sasuke will thus be a sort of second in command or even a co-leader in Konoha ruling with Naruto at his side [no homo ;)]

Sakura will probably marry Sasuke (since she still obviously has feelings for him) but I am more concerned to see how she will convince Sasuke to be with her.

Shikamaru will obviously be the brain behinds Naruto's cabinet and provide the strategic support.

Naruto will obviously go with Hinata, since she was the first person to acknowledge him (not openly so Iruka's reference does not count).

It might even happen that the world will realize that the village system is flawed at the end (at least warring with one another based on nationalism) and resolve to uniting the shinobi world under peace with Naruto and Sasuke leading the movement.

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