Rachin123 wrote: @ Otaku Sasuke plain and simple is all types of messed up in the head so believing that he is the best way to make a new revolution is out of line. Sasuke is inconsiderate, arrogant, confused, mentally unstable and doesn't have the right to make these types of decisions to make a revolution especially in his hands nonetheless.

@Elvin Sasuke wants to control the tailed beasts and use their power. I think we have a better chance at letting them be free and be guardians of the lands and seas or something. But Sasuke letting his screwed up mind take the better of him don't care. He just always making himself seem so superior to anybody and makes it seem like he's the only one who's life was bad.

That's fair analysis about Sasuke, but you have to understand that in this case we can't determine what he really intends to since his plans haven't been revealed in detail yet.

But what is true is that the beasts are a liability if not now then in the future. One consistent theme in Naruto is the theme of destiny, things tend to repeat themselves near constantly.

Well we will have to see how this really turns out in the end but either the fighting will finally stop, history will repeat itself or Naruto will die (which we know won't happen).

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