Rachin123 wrote: But you make assumptions based off his character and I'm not saying his plan will ultimately for his own selfish way but that its a high possibility and I'm sticking to it. Sasuke could also have explained the reasoning for his actions as it seems most antagonists in Naruto explain their goal in every detail. He didn't really give us a explanation. His character like I said should be the last one to trying to make a world of peace so to speak as his character speaks for itself. History repeats itself. Fighting will always be there. Hate will always be there. Love will be there, etc. Naruto should not die at least not alone. Sasuke out of all people deserves death more than Naruto not saying Sasuke needs to die but it wouldn't seem right. Sasuke will have a lot to improve on if he survives because his character is so distasteful its not even funny and if he doesn't feel the way of things suit his superior needs he'll rebel or something. I don't know Sasuke's character just irritates me to the fullest. Though the only thing I like is his style of fighting well before he just spamming amaterasu this and susanii that.

What does Sasuke spamming Susanoo and Amaterasu have to do with anything? Naruto spams Rasengan and Kyubii chakra like no other character spams their own technique. All the strong characters spam their "one" jutsu: Kakashi: Raikiri, Sasuke: Chidori, Susanoo, Amaterasu, Naruto: Rasengan, kyubii chakra, Orochimaru: Snake techs, Hashirama: Wood Release, etc.

Sasuke doesn't really have to improve as a character because he is doing what he was always intended to do: Be the opposite of Naruto. You can't expect Yin to be Yang and vice versa.

The whole conflict between Uchiha and Senju is that they are opposites that can't get along. But as Madara noted to get along: "One side will have to give up their ideals in favor of the other"

Itachi was an Uchiha that favored the Senju ideals over his own clans. And Nagato was a Uzumaki that favored the curse of hatred over his own people's ideal.

Trying to make Sasuke like Naruto or Naruto like Sasuke (which is what you are suggesting by saying Sasuke needs "improvement") defeats the whole point of opposites in this manga.

The best course of action is for Naruto to compromise some of his stupid idealism and allow some power based rule and Sasuke should learn to show some compassion and favor friendship and loyalty instead of being cold all the time.

As Madara said (paraphrased): "one God created two opposing forces but when those two opposing forces work together in harmony, nothing is impossible"

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