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Everreddie wrote: Shouldn't Hamura be the ancestor of the Uzumaki clan? Since the Uzumaki clan are distant blood relatives of the Senju clan (like cousins), wouldn't it make sense for Hamura to be the ancestor of the Uzumaki clan?

No. That wouldn't even make them distant cousins. This doesn't work like actual family genetics, where your brother's descendants become your cousins. The Uzumaki are directly related to the Senju (meaning there was likely a fork-off in Asura's bloodline), making them Hagoromo's descendants.

Also, Hagoromo had the Uzumaki's trademark red hair and astonishing vitality.

But what if Hamura's descendants (if he had any) inter-bred with the Senju to create the Uzumaki?

When Naruto marries Hinata (if he ever does) then that will be the case. As of now, no. The Uzumaki are Hagoromo's descendants. These crazed theories need to stop. There is literal manga proof that the Uzumaki are Hagoromo's descendants, and, one could argue, as the earliest being (other than his mother), to have Byakugan, Hamura is that of the Hyuga's.

I am not disagreeing with you mate but I was just speculating to see what made the Uzumaki's different than the Senjus. But you are right there is no definite proof that the the Hyuga (Hamura's descendants) had children with the Senju to make Prehistoric Narutos (sorry couldn't help myself).

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