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ElvinWindSword wrote: I think Hamura's kids were the creator of the Hyuga clan. Which would mess everything up in Naruto in my opinion because the Hyuga clan was inferior to the Uchiha and Senju.

If the Hyuga was descended from Hamura then they should have more power and potential than the fodder they currently have.

the hyuga clan are not inferior to the uchiha or senju and never have been they have always been known as the magnum force of the leaf. the byakugan has always been known as the superior dojutsu between sharingan and byakugan. the sharingan allows you to see chakra and calculate and understand how a person moves and memorize techniques but doesn't have the microvision of the byakugan or the 360(with a slight blind sight) vision also the byakugan allows the person to see through all genjutsu except for the IT

Okay you need to rewatch part 1 then bro. Neji's father told him before he accepted his death that Neji had the blood of the Hyuga flowed through him more than any other member of the clan.

First of all: The Sharingan-Rinnegan eye that Kaguya has is clearly different and more powerful than the eye Indra possesses. That is the reason I called Indra's eye the "diluted" or weakened form of the Sharingan we see today.

I never said the Sharingan came from the Rinnegan, I said that the modern, weakened form of the sharingan that started with Indra came from Hagoromo.

Second of all: Kaguya's Rinnegan functions as both a Rinnegan and a Sharingan, but the modern form of the sharingan first became noted with Indra, just like how Hagoromo was the first user of an "exclusive" Rinnegan and Hamura was the first user of an "exclusive" Byakugan.

This meant that Neji inherited a better version of the byakugan than the rest of his clan, similar to how Sasuke's eyes were noted to be superior to Itachi's eyes by Orochimaru or how Madara's eyes were the only eyes capable of recognizing Hashirama's real bodies from his clones.

Third of all: The byakugan is an inferior dojutsu overall. What was stated in the series was that the Byakugan had a higher raw visual prowess than the Sharingan. This simply meant that it was more powerful and useful in seeing and recognizing chakra than the Sharingan.

The Sharingan isn't called the heaven's eye for nothing. It has the ability of god-like genjutsus that can trap an enemy from miles away if used by the right user.

It can copy any taijutsu and ninjutsu and allow the user to use that tech (on the limits of their own abilities).

It also has the unique ability to control the tailed beasts.

All of this and considering the potential for it to evolve into the MS and Rinnegan make it a much more powerful dojutsu than a byakugan.

Does that mean that all hyuga's are inferior to all uchihas? No! Since as Zetsu said an master with a stone can beat an amature with a shuriken. Simply put a master hyuga ninja can take out an average Uchiha no problem, but if we are talking about a battle between two equal Uchiha and Hyuga members that is decided on eye-power alone, the sharingan will always win since it is the superior eye power.

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