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ElvinWindSword wrote: I think Hamura's kids were the creator of the Hyuga clan. Which would mess everything up in Naruto in my opinion because the Hyuga clan was inferior to the Uchiha and Senju.

If the Hyuga was descended from Hamura then they should have more power and potential than the fodder they currently have.

the hyuga clan are not inferior to the uchiha or senju and never have been they have always been known as the magnum force of the leaf. the byakugan has always been known as the superior dojutsu between sharingan and byakugan. the sharingan allows you to see chakra and calculate and understand how a person moves and memorize techniques but doesn't have the microvision of the byakugan or the 360(with a slight blind sight) vision also the byakugan allows the person to see through all genjutsu except for the IT

Yes all clans in the Naruto world are inferior to the Senju (who are the strongest clan out there) and the Uchiha (who were only inferior to the Senju).

It was clearly stated that the two strongest clans were the Uchiha and Senju, by both Hashirama Senju (in his flashback when he was talking about the village history to Sasuke) and by Obito as tobi when he was lecturing Sasuke about Leaf and Uchiha history.

It was said that the Hidden leaf village was founded by the Senju and Uchiha AND all the clans they conquered, which includes the Hyuga.

The Hyuga only became the best after the Uchiha massacre and the unknown fate of the Senju.

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