@Arcane Kushina is calm? Level-headed? LIKE HINATA? Dude, you're seriously going to have to re-read her stories again. Kushina may be kind, but she's also quick-tempered, impulsive, and a sea of flaming hair. Everyone says she's like Sakura, and I agree. MINATO is the one who's like Hinata. HE'S the level-headed, cautious, and calm one. As for Sakura, her development was more in how she was selfless and less critical of people, and was at least able to stop thinking about Sasuke for extended periods of time. Plus, when she thought of Sasuke, she accurately had the "battered housewife" reaction, not the "Sasuke-kun's so SEXY!" reaction that everyone found annoying. Her character also would've gone to waste had their been no development beforehand, not at the end when there was plenty of stuff that happened. Plus, all she wanted was Sasuke's acknowledgement, as I said earlier. And just for the record - when did a Jedi harm a powerless individual? (off-topic, no need to reply, but STILL).

@Eric The forehead thing was just a joke on my part, but you'll be surprised to know how much of the fandom has been going "When the hell is he going to confess it was him?". Also, Naruto remembers this (Ch. 469) and I highly doubt Sakura would forget the "first time Sasuke" complimented her. I also never called Sasuke an abusive husband. But for the record, who would sleep with a person that tried to slit his/her throat? It may have been in the past, but there are things called internal scars. Do you seriously think Naruto doesn't still feel all the abuse he got those 16 years? Do you seriously think Sasuke doesn't still hate the ninja world for what they did to his clan? Absolutely NOT! How should it be different for Sakura - or anyone else, for that matter?

@Plane NH/SS guy trying to diss NS? Seriously?? Siiiighhhhh, fandom. That's why I'm going to escape that and become a legit storyteller. I'll explain more in the thread I was talking about earlier.

@OH&S Kishi's writing the script, but I have the gumption that Studio Pierrot forced Kishi to do so. The movie had to have been in development since at least 2009. THey must've made him write the story just to make it canon (Akira Toriyama did that with Battle of Gods). Studio Pierrot is one big NH/Anti-Sakura community, so it's not surprising. Don't believe me? They've constantly called Sakura "far from cute", "annoying", "stereotypical", and that "Hinata's a far better hero", each of which Kishi does or doesn't agree with (Sakura was made more heroic at the end for the last one). Kishi never said, though, that he was embarrassed with romance. In fact, since there wasn't much at all in Part 1 (outside of humor), Kishi decided to focus more on it in Part 2 despite finding it difficult.

@Hisana No, Akikurr's right. While he didn't outright say "Forget romance, b****", he made it clear throughout the series that he didn't love her. He knows how much of a stupid fantasy Sakura's crush was, and he knew that nothing was there for her in that. His response to her was just to show that he really didn't care for her. He was trying to sever the bonds he didn't see as bonds (including Team 7) so he told her not to come. And then tried to impale her with Chidori in-between. Then there's your thing about love, which happens to be the very first thing I talked to you about. You need a reason to be in love with someone. If that wasn't the case, then we'd all have gay feelings for our mothers/fathers just because we love them... What you don't need is a reason to love someone. I've trained myself to not hate anyone and care for everyone. But I'm not IN LOVE with any of them. I see them all as brethren. To fall in love with someone, there must be something more. And it's not just the fact that the love object has a cool look, nice hair, and/or is physically built. That qualifies for misleading attraction, and that's the only thing that got Sakura and Ino to have a crush on Sasuke AT ALL. You need to look inside - see how this person cares for you, cares for others, will throw away his/her life for you, cares for children, etc. Sasuke doesn't have any of those qualities for Sakura.

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