I wonder if this boy will surpass Naruto because the younger generation eventually surpasses the older one but if Naruto was a normal Ninja I would say so because the power level and his abilities classify him in the category of Dragon Ball Z without the Dragon Balls.

The guy has all the Elemental releases, and he has the power of the Sage Six paths inside his body, and he is a direct descendant sure I can say that he would surpass but Naruto's powers are bordering on cheat code level the kid would have to get experimented illegaly or get treated with special drugs to enhance his powers.

He also has to learn the truth about Naruto because it is true that he is a boy but he doesn't know the whole truth about Naruto, and how much he had to suffer because he is really lucky but now he is acting like a spoiled brat but you can forgive him he is still a child.

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