THe achievements part is also very tough as well because what Naruto did in helping end the feud of the Senju and the Uchiha is no laughing matter because none on the Hokages of the past were able to do it, and Boruto seems to be a hothead like Naruto was in the past.

I am angry that during the movie he asked Sasuke to train him to be better than Naruto, and Sasuke showed him the Chidori of all things but this boy has to learn the truth about Naruto's life at some point because he is spoiled, and thinks that he is a bad father if he only knew what Naruto went through in his life that would shut him up for good.

Boruto is blessed by a mile compared to what Naruto had to go through because a ordinary child like Boruto would have been driven insane, and go all Emo like Sasuke if he had to handle that by himself because Naruto had to handle that himself.

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