Ashzure wrote: It seems my assumptions on why sasuke's rinnegan has not have a tomoe was right. It seems to be confirmed that sasuke's tomoe on rinnegan represents his mangekyo sharingan's power strenghtening the fact that his eyes was have still a pair of mangekyo power and;when he deactivates his mangekyo the tomoe in rinnegan will disappear,it will appear when he reactivate his mangekyo power.

All I will say to this is that: 1. I call his Rinnegan the Mangekyo Rinnegan. 2. I believe that the tomoe were absent because he exhausted chakra going into other dimensions. 3. I am also wondering if it is like Madara's eyes, where he can deactivate his Rinnegan, which is likely, seeing that it evolved from his Sharingan. Deactivating meaning he has his regular eyes (Normal-activate Sharingan; Post-War-activate Sharingan and Rinnegan). But it is hard to say as his current haircut hides that eye, so it could be either or. It could be that now, when he uses his regular Sharingan, it involves one eye being that dojutsu and the other being his Rinnegan. Then when he uses his E. Mangekyo Sharingan, he hs it in one eye and the "Mangekyo Rinnegan" (tomoed Rinnegan) in the other. If you look at the improving the Sharingan into the Rinnegan it could be a possiblity.

In my opinion, just because Karin is her birth mother doesn't make Sakura any less the mother or should i say 'stepmother' of Sarada. And remember that Suigetsu is her team mate hence he would know if it is Karin's umbilical cord or whatever. So the swab of saliva from Sarada and the test is, effective...especially if you look at the fact that he is staying with Orochimaru and was once his test subject. We just have to wait until otherwise stated by Kishi himself. Plus about the E. Mangekyo problem, I would've thought that proof readers and editors would have seen that mistake if it is one

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