I want to know what is the deal with Sarada and Sakura because my opinion of Sasuke was never very favorable to begin with because Kishimoto gave him a free pass for all the things he did, and now comes the suspicion of two-timing with Sakura.

I would hate to see this with Sakura because the girl actually put up with this crap with Sasuke for a while, and he actually doesn't deserve to have anybody love him but she stood by him for whatever reason because who would bother with such a person like him.

Sarada is the most to be affected by all of this because he is hardly ever at home to begin with, and if the question begs that she is not related to Sakura but I hope that I am wrong about this because I will start bashing him again like when the original series started.

Sasuke has a long way to ago even if he has cleared up his name and Clan because he won't ever be like Naruto or his brother Itachi he still is a long way from achieving this.

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