Arturia Pendragon00000 wrote: @Sharingan91

I pretty much agreed with everything you said. but how is Earth + Earth = Steel and Yang + Yang = Swift?

Also, in my opinion, Crystal Release should be 'together' with Magnet Release ( I.e Earth + Wind ).

As Elveonora said, we still have yet to see how many Kekkei Genkai have come to exist.

We still don't know about Swift Release, Steel Release, Typhoon Release and what does Lightning + Wind and Lightning + Fire results in.

  • Crystal: crystallization is a process where a liquid solution (water) becomes solid (earth).

This are KG as Blaze and Typhoon, advanced nature

  • Steel: it is an advanced form of earth.
  • Swift: user is very Speed, yang power increases physical capacity
  • Dark: It is and advances form of yin.
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