Littlegen wrote: The addition of Mud Release, Typhoon Release, and clarification on Magnet Release really bug me.

The addition of Mud Release suggests that there can be multiple natures spawned from the fusion of the same natures. That opens the way too wide for my liking and just inspires more guesswork and speculation.

Before Typhoon Release I was of the Idea Black Natures were simply the Pinnacle of their Element. Amaterasu's Black Flames and Darui's Black Lightning gave off the idea the strongest of these elements were black in design. This was supported by Six Paths Power turning Sasuke's and Kakashi's Chidori and Lightning Blade Black. ... But now we have Typhoon release that just sits on that idea while it somehow mad Sasuke's Susanoo move an inch.

Magnet Release just doesn't make sense to me. I understand the inclusion of the Wind Element but not Earth. I remember when it was believed Sand was a Nature in of itself and that would better fit with the wind and earth nature combination. It's whatever now but I'd prefer it if it was wind and lightning.

With actual Nature combinations, I always favored Lukas's Common Element Nature theory in relation to Kekkei Tota. In his theory he states that Kekkei Tota form when Two compatible Kekkei Genkai manifest in a individual. The Capability comes in when you manifest two Kekkei Genkai that share a common element that does not overpower or be overpowered by the corresponding elements.

So if you manifested two Kekkei Genkai like Boil Release and Lava Release, with the common element being Fire Release, (Like Mei), you'd have two Kekkei Genkai that are incompatible due to the Water Nature in Boil Release overpowering the Fire Chakra.

But, if you have two Kekkei Genkai like Magnet Release and Lava Release, with the common element being Earth Release, (like Onoki), you'd have two Kekkei Genkai that are compatible as neither the Fire Chakra nor the Wind Chakra overpower or be overpowered by the common Earth Chakra.

This would drastically limit the number of possible Kekkei Tota while explaining why they are so rare, and how despite Mei possessing three Natures why she doesn't posses a Kekkei Tota. It also thematically fits with the name. The only method of developing this power is selected breeding.

Just like Blaze and Typhoon, I remind you that it has never been said Steel, Dark and Swift are KG formed by two elements.

In reality, water is a substance that has unique characteristics, chemistry and physics affirms it. And it is probably for this reason that the combination with the earth can generate more KG.

Mei Terumi doesn't possess a KT, because Water + Fire + Earth doesn't generate anything. what element could it create XD?

Dust release destroy substance just like fire and wind destroy substance (earth). The only future KT that could be introduced is electromagnetism as a combination of wind + earth + lightning.

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