LoneNinja wrote: I agree with Elve that Magnet makes no logical sense to me. I mean look at every other Kekkei Genkai. They're thought out in some way.

Wood Release- Wood is a product of the earth and grows from water.

Boil- Heating up water with fire, allows one to boil.

Lava- Do I really got to explain this one? Hot. Land.

Storm- What usually pops up in a storm? Lightning from the clouds and Water from the clouds.

Ice- This should just be obvious.

Magnet- Earth and Wind.......? What about Earth and Wind makes magnetism? I doubt Kishimoto would fall out of pattern here. Lava makes earth and fire. Wood is a product of Earth and Water. Water when heated boils. A storm cloud produces Lightning and Water. And water when cooled to the extreme, is frozen. Literally, Kishimoto put some thought behind it. It makes zero sense lightning wouldn't be involved.

The argument stems from Rasa's 4th databook profile. Firstly, it's the Databook. They're also proven false majority of the time. The argument Rasa can never be changed is not viable. Haku will never be shown again, does that mean he is as fast as light? Yahiko's profile destroys this argument. Guess what isn't lit up for Yahiko. Yin or Yang. So if Yahiko has Yin or Yang (he has to since they make up every non-elemental jutsu), Rasa could have Lightning. If Kisame has Yin or Yang, but isn't listed as someone who has them, then Rasa can have Lightning. There are character profiles that don't have any elements listed. Does that mean they have 0 elements?

Shinki has been shown to use Lightning and not confirmed to use the other two. So in the series, Shinki has Lightning only. In the Databook, Rasa has Wind and Earth. There's no argument for Rasa that can't be used for Shinki, except the one I stated above. But as I shown, that argument doesn't work.

Oh Yes! As Quicklime, Acid and Rubber are lava release... Forget the most obvious logic, in the case of lava release there isn't hot material but loose substance.

magnet release is explained as air that possesses properties of the metals of the earth, magnetism indeed. Lightning is not a component because it is shown repeatedly produces electromagnetism, another phenomenon. If magnet = wind+ Lightning.... Electromagnetism= magnet+ Lightning= wind+Lightning+Lightning , and this is no sense!

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