Gilgamesh85 wrote: I don't see why Moegi having the Wood Release should be so strange or "impossible". Was ever said that only Senju's can unlock Wood Release? No, the only thing it was said is that, until Moegi, Hashirama was the only one to unlock it. We have multiple example of advanced natures that are inherited by people who doesn't have any bloot tie (I mean, look at Lava Release... how many people has it?)... Moegi doesn't have to be necessarily tied to Hashirama, maybe WR is "simply" extremily rare and she was simply "lucky" with her elemental affinity.

If It Were Just About Elements, Couldn't Sakura Have It Too...?

Elveonora wrote: Well, in case Asura having Wood Release is canon, then Hashirama's Wood Release would have origins in Asura as his ancestor, or Hashirama being Asura's incarnate or both. Perhaps it just skips generations.

One thing to consider... Maybe there might have been other Wood Release users before Hashirama in the Senju Clan, they just weren't Asura's incarnates, thus their Wood Release usage was much weaker than Hashirama's or even Yamato's AND if that's true, there might have been Senju children with Wood Release who simply got murdered before they could manifest it, as was ordinary during the warring states era.

Didn't They Mention That There Were A Ton Of Other Reincarnations Before Hashirama And Madara? Its Extremely Improbable That Atleast SOME Of Them Didn't Have Wood Release.

Takamora wrote: Canon or not, I shut your case down but you're still going. Accept it, you want attention that's why you keep arguing. Fact of the matter is, you don't need a kkg in order to use chakra or nature based kkg.... All you need is the affinity(s) for it. End of discussion, now take your arguing to someone who cares

If Its Not Canon, It Can't Really Be Used In A Discussion.

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