Gilgamesh85 wrote: I don't see why Moegi having the Wood Release should be so strange or "impossible". Was ever said that only Senju's can unlock Wood Release?

in my mind problem is not who has wood style, but how it is manifested. As we have seen with madara and hashirama (and with yamato as the opposite) you have to have enormous amounts of chakra to produce (living) vegetation . So the rarity of wood release as I see it was not only a matter of genetics but also of amount of chakra. You have to have 3 things to manifest it (genetics, earth and water release, huge pool of chakra) - that was never explicitly stated but it is obviously implied how the story progressed especially with the introduction of yamato. So in conclusion I wouldn't mind if her wood release is at yamato's level - not vegetation but refined wood Rizgubi (talk) 13:53, November 13, 2017 (UTC)

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