I am upset!!! I don't see my post anywhere.

In regards to all the stuff i placed in that post...

Either of them can win.

Tsunade can kick his ass. He can kick her ass. Want reasons that the damned site failed to post (when i wrote most of them down) I'll rewrite it AGAIN! MAybe this time it will register my comment.

They both can win given the right circumstances. Stop saying that Tsunade would lose outright, because with that same logic, Jiraiya could lose outright too.

You want me to relist my reasons and proof...tell me so i could do it. I can back both of them equally but why would i back Jiraiya when 97% of you guys already say he would win outright? Tsunade is a perfectly good character that Kishi could have done better. Don't be putting the characters down. They all have their talents. Stop putting Tsunade down. Give credit and respect where it is due and Tsunade MOST DEFINITELY deserves some

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