Narutodd wrote:

LoneNinja wrote: Ummmm Eight Gates Lee would decimate even Orochimaru. Madara Jubi even with its regenerative abilities almost died. However Op clearly says only 6 gates. Orochimaru wins. Sure Lee could out speed him but is he going to kill him? Last i checked Lee only used Taijutsu, and last i checked Orochimaru can regenerate his body. So broken bones and hurt organs aren't going to win this. Orochimaru is said to have knowledge of most Jutsu's and he wished to learn every technique. Who knows what crazy techniques he could use. Lets also not forget the Hiding in Surface Technique. Orochimaru could just let the guy go six gates and sink into the ground and waited til the guy wears himself out and his vulnerable then kills the dude. I love Eight Gates power, i believe its one of the most underrated powers ever, however Lee can't use it to beat Orochimaru.

six gates lee can use askujaku aka morning peacock. 6 gates alone can kill tons of 10 tails juibi and it can clean shot obito(after neji death lee clean shot obito) and guy 6 gates can beat an akatsuki pretty easily (kisame) so if we are assuming orichimaru is not stronger than itachi but kisame can go one on one with itachi than i can safely assume rock lee will win

Since when is Lee capable of performing Asakujaku

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