I honestly think Sasuke would win. Chances are, by the time of Gaiden, he can use all of the SPoP. Imagine him using the Shinra Tensei, through his complete body Susano'o? If Pain could destroy the giant village that Konoha is, at his size, with a full power Almighty Push, IMAGINE how much Sasuke's complete body Susano'o could obliterate; considering how the Susano'o is multiple times bigger than Pain. How could Naruto take that?

Sasuke could just absorb his Rasengan techniques with his Preta Path. Of course if he absorbed too much Senjutsu based Rasengan, then that'd be a problem of course. Sasuke could take on his shadow clones with Susanoo or taijutsu alone, and more. Even in Boruto the Movie, Sasuke could keep up with Naruto and even surpass him in speed in the fight with Momoshiki. There's more to all of this but I think Sasuke beats Naruto hands down.

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