Kishimoto colored Rasenshuriken red when under Kurama's influence (in the artbook), this much is correct. The anime's consistent coloring of blue is technically incorrect. And Kishimoto actually does occasionally do his own colored pages, which, again, he commented in the 2nd artbook when talking about how the cover artist for Shonen Jump made him draw something a specific way.

Also, Madara's hair being red wouldn't be incorrect either. Hagaromo's hair was shown to be nearly the exact same color in a chapter page (The one we use for his infobox image). Obito is the odd ball with white hair, which is probably a result of either his incomplete form (control and tailed beast wise) or the strenuous conditions under which he achieved his Jinchuriki status (being stabbed in the heart/being dominated by Madara's control).

Overall, I'd say that the colored manga takes priority over the Anime, especially when you take into account who's behind the colored manga (the official manga's editor who works with Kishimoto directly), and who's behind the anime (an otherwise unaffiliated animation studio).

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