This is a unique ability possessed by Black Zetsu, which allows it to take advantage of its malleable body to coat itself over a target. This technique is mainly used to restrict the movement of the target by coating a target's body,[1][2][3] and forcibly make them do its bidding by directly channelling its will through them. In possession of the target's body, Black Zetsu is also able to use target's techniques,[2] kekkei genkai,[4] as well as any other ability they may possess. By using this technique Black Zetsu is capable of performing a variety of feats including controlling the target, and even stabilising their life-force allowing them to live following a mortally-taxing event.[5]

Once in contact with a target, they can also absorb[6] the target's chakra and transfer it to others,[7] and even show the target events it has recorded.[7] One drawback of this technique, is that if the target has a strong enough will as in the case of Obito they can suppress Black Zetsu's influence, and take advantage of Black Zetsu being attached to them.[8]


  • As shown with Obito, any invulnerability Black Zetsu has, such as immunity to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, is transferred to its host at the time.


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