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ボロ Boro
Manga Volume #4, Boruto Chapter #15
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Kekkei Genkai
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Boro (ボロ, Boro) is an Inner from the organisation Kara.


Much like other members of Kara, Boro carries himself with a very confident, if not smug, attitude. Upon facing the various abilities of Team 7 and Kawaki, he faced them down in a very condescending natures, viewing their efforts as pointless. Also a committed man, he remained vigilant in his mission to safeguard the sealed Seventh Hokage. Very knowledgeable, Boro is shown able to quickly determine and handle most threats with little shock. As with Jigen, he was devoted to Kara's goal, and was uninterested in other matters such as Mitsuki's attempts to attack him, but became ever more grateful for Boruto's status as Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki's vessel, desiring to capture him for Kara's benefit.


Boro's Appearance

Boro's appearance.

Boro is a tall middle-aged man with a heavily-built frame. He sports a beard and moustache and has a trio of tattoos on his face that appear to form the Roman numeral Ⅲ. He also has a disk embedded on both sides of his temples, one on each of his pectorals, two on both his forearms, two on his shoulder-blades, and two at his hips. His body is also apparently modified to be void of gender-based anatomy.

Like other Inner members of Kara, he wears a dark hooded robe. Beneath his robes, wears a dark coat with a row of buttons on the right side; he tends to leave the bottom buttons undone. He also wear dark pants with high boots, and armbands with metal plates on the forearms.


Being an Inner of Kara, Boro is regarded as completely monstrous in terms of power,[1] with Kawaki claiming he is in some ways even worse than Jigen.[2]

Physical Prowess

Befitting his large stature, Boro is very strong, able to easily lift the massive sealing kettle that contained Naruto with a single hand and hurl it a great distance. He is deceptively fast, able to skilfully escape from his enemies' sights after creating a diversion and quickly intercept his opponent's escape.[3][4] Boro's body is also highly resilient, able to take a direct hit from a Rasengan and remain standing.[5] He is also shown to be very proficient in taijutsu, able to fend off the combined assault Team 7 and Kawaki with punishing blows.


Boro is able to use Fire, Earth, and Water Release. By combining the first two, he can use Lava Release to create a potent acid.[6] With Water Release, he can produce surging walls to block oncoming attacks.[7] He is also able to perform a regeneration technique that can rapidly undo all physical damage to his being and even negate the effects of poison.[8] He has proficiency in shurikenjutsu, able to stealthily launch shurikens laced with gunpowder. He is also capable of accessing an alternate dimension through unknown means.

Scientific Ninja Tools

Boro's Virus

Boro releasing his virus.

Through the use of scientific ninja tools, Boro is able to release a fast-acting virus in the form of a dark mist. This mist gradually paralyses his opponents upon contact, and as it is a form of physical matter rather than chakra, it cannot be absorbed by Kāma.[9] Boro himself is immune to this virus due to carrying the antibodies for it in his bloodstream.[10] His body is also modified with a special core that he can migrate inside body, which serves to instantly activate and augment his healing technique, enough to survive virtually any damage and regenerate within seconds, even if his head is completely obliterated.[11]

New Era

Ao Arc

Main article: Ao Arc Boro attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation relating to the missing "vessel". As Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he voiced that they must recover the vessel at all costs.

Kawaki Arc

Main article: Kawaki Arc Figuring Delta would be disheartened following her failed attempt at retrieving Kawaki, Boro laughed at her when she became frustrated. Shortly after, when he was informed Koji Kashin was observing Kawaki in Konohagakure, Boro questioned what the Inner was doing. Some time later, after Jigen has sealed Naruto Uzumaki in a tea pot in a foreign dimension, Boro watched over it. Shorty after, a group of children came into his vicinity, leading to Boro joyfully recognising Kawaki.

As the children prepared to fight the Inner member, Boro quickly displayed his might, changing the landscape with his Lava Release. As Kawaki absorbed the technique with his Kāma, Boro went for a sneak attack, which was absorbed by Boruto's Kāma. Boro was amazed to see another Kāma wielder. As Boro continued to endure Kawaki and Boruto's attacks and quickly heal, even from Mitsuki's venomous snake bites, he exposed them to his Dark Cloud, sapping away their strength. Boro expressed his delight in meeting Boruto, noting that Boruto's Kāma meant that Kara's time limit for completing their plans can now extended through Boruto as the vessel of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. While planning to take Boruto back to Kara along with Kawaki, the combined effort of Mitsuki and Sarada Uchiha gave the team an opening to retreat. Boro however remained calm, knowing they would return since their goal for coming here was the Hokage.

Soon after, Boro was approached by Sarada, who revealed to know the truth behind his Dark Cloud. Impressed at her insight, he quickly attacked her, forcing her on the defence as he worked to infect Sarada like the others. Ultimately, he caught and infected her. He began mocking her situation, but was surprised by her ability to launch a Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique on him and powerful punch. With Boro injured by the attack, Boruto and Kawaki also made their move, fully recovered from the virus, and obliterated the man's head. Boro however reacted in time to activate his regeneration technique before being hit, letting him survive and completely recover. Boro deduced that Mitsuki's snake took some of his blood and harvested the antibodies in it, giving the kids immunity to his virus. Impressed by their abilities, Boro decided he would have to through them off their team-strategy and went for the sealed Hokage, tricking Kawaki into breaking formation.

Boro launched some shuriken at Kawaki, who blocked them, only for them to explode. Boro was amazed that despite being injured, Kawaki still moved to protect the sealed Hokage. Boro voiced his displeasure at Kawaki's new soft nature, he swore to have Kawaki retrained from scratch. The children continued their team assault on Boro, who repeatedly regenerated from everything that was done to him. As he began to beat down the exhausted foes, Sarada struck at Boro's core with her Chidori, having located it and learned of its significance for his regeneration from Kawaki.


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