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Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #185
Appears in Anime
Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Species Kangaroo

They are two kangaroos, one adult and one joey, that were part of Condor's ninja animal team.


These two kangaroos look like normal kangaroos except they are wearing red boxing gloves.

Adult Kangaroo

The adult kangaroo has brown fur and a poach where it holds its joey. It has black-coloured eyes and there are two whiskers sticking out of the fur right next to each eye. It also wears three red boxing gloves, one on each hand and one on its tail.

Adult's Joey

The joey is as its name implies a baby kangaroo. It has brown fur and its eyes are white in the centre while the outside of them are black. It also wears a red boxing glove on each hand.


The Kangaroos are experts in one of the rarest arts of taijutsu, boxing. They work in perfect sync, while the great Kangaroo distracts the enemy with several strong punches, the little one comes for a short moment out of the bag to hit the enemy in his unguarded areas. The two together are strong enough to engage a natural taijutsu specialist like Rock Lee for quite a long time.

Part II

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha

The two kangaroos both wear boxing gloves and are both skilled in boxing which prevented Rock Lee from hitting them with his taijutsu. Though in the end, Lee managed to defeat the kangaroos and they went fleeing from the battle.


  • Their basis is similar to that of the Tekken character Roger Jr.
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