"Breaking the Limit…!!" (限界突破…!!, Genkai Toppa…!!, Viz: Exceeding the Limits!!) is chapter 33 of the Boruto manga.


Naruto leaves Kawaki and Himawari under Boruto's protection. Delta is irate over Kawaki damaging himself, considering his body to be the "Vessel" that belongs to Kara in service of Jigen. She believes Amado will be able to heal him once she takes him back. Boruto is incensed by Delta's treatment of Kawaki. Naruto questions her about Jigen, but she says it's none of his business as he'll be dead soon, so Naruto dares her to try killing him. The two exchange various physical blows. Boruto comments on Naruto's anger. Delta notices Naruto's shortness of breath, and intends to finish the fight with her eye beams. Naruto asks her if she forgot he'd make her regret laying a finger on the children. He extends his promise to Jigen, vowing to track him down from behind the shadows and make him pay. Delta is puzzled by his anger over Kawaki as he walks towards her. When he gets close enough, she unleashes her eye beams again, but Naruto disperses the beams with a Big Ball Rasengan. Delta proceeds to absorb it, and escalates it with an Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan. Boruto is initially unsure of his father's intention, but realises his strategy. Delta berates Naruto for thinking she can't absorb bigger jutsu as she absorbs it as well. Kawaki comments on the futility of increasing jutsu size, but Boruto points out that's not what Naruto is doing. Delta is incredulous at Naruto's chakra output, and finally realises his ploy. Boruto explains to Kawaki how Naruto is trying to overcome the limit of her ability to absorb chakra. Delta's Shinobi-ware overheats, causing her eye functions to cease, as well as her connection to the drone's vision. Naruto points out it was only a matter of time since she first absorbed his Rasengan, having rationalised the absorbed jutsu had to be stored in her body, therefore indicating a limit of how much she can absorb. He boasts about his chakra pool, and Delta yells at him as she attempts a physical attack. Naruto dodges her, and tells her to savour the first direct hit from his jutsu, landing an even bigger Rasengan on her, leaving her body at the bottom of a crater it carved into the ground. With Delta defeated, Naruto deactivates his chakra cloak, and gives the children a thumbs up in celebration.

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