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(突破口, Toppakō)
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Previous A New Three-Way Deadlock
Volume 67
Next Furrow
Pages 192
Release Date
Japanese December 04, 2013 (ISBN 978-4-08-870849-2)
English October 07, 2014 (ISBN 978-1-4215-7384-7)
Truth-Seeking BallSix Paths SenjutsuMutually Multiplying Explosive TagsSpiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style ThreeFlying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving TechniqueStarch Syrup GunSix Red Yang FormationParent and Child RasenganWater Release: Water Severing Wave

Breakthrough (突破口, Toppakō) is volume 67 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 638

"The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki: Obito" (十尾の人柱力・オビト, Jūbi no Jinchūriki: Obito)

The shinobi watch on in confusion as the Ten-Tails vanishes from the battlefield. As the shinobi sought answers, Hiashi watched on with his Byakugan, and Sakura asked Hinata, what she had seen. It is revealed that Obito, had in fact initiated a sealing technique, which allowed him to absorb the Ten-Tails into himself, making him the beast's new jinchūriki. Emerging in his new form, Naruto goes on to confirm that Obito was able to resist Madara's control and had instead been using a different technique than the one to revive him. Meanwhile, Killer B confirms with Gyūki that the Ten-Tails had not reached its final form but had instead been sealed within Obito. Hashirama then attempts to restrain Obito, but Obito's new power proves too much for the technique which had been restraining the beast itself prior. In response, Obito generates four chakra arms, and then proceeds to rip apart the barrier erected by the four Hokage. Upon seeing this, Hashirama warns the other shinobi of Obito's power while Minato pleads for Obito to stop which is responded to by Obito sounding out his own name with some confusion. As the three other Hokage relocate to where Obito is, Hashirama openly declares that Obito is stronger than he, which both Hiruzen and Tobirama affirm. As Madara prepares his own "trump card" hoping that Obito did not notice him before then. While the Hokage discussed the situation, Obito takes the First and Second by surprise, ripping through their bodies.

Chapter 639

"Attack" (, Osō)

As the others in the immediate area look on in shock, Tobirama calls out to Hiruzen and Minato to jump. Recognising the protocol, they soon turn to see that Obito has been plastered with explosive tags. Calling out to Hashirama who binds Obito with his Wood Release, Tobirama sets off the explosions leading Minato to comment on Tobirama's swift action. Noting that as the creator of the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, he also created the would-be suicidal fighting style that surrounded the use of the technique, Tobirama launches his Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags technique causing a continuous explosion around Obito. When the smoke cleared, however, it is revealed that Obito is unharmed due to the resilient substance surrounding him. Theorising what exactly the substance was, Hiruzen attacks Obito with the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique summoning a giant shuriken to do so. However, the substance proves once again too versatile for these attacks and eradicates these weapons.

This leads Hiruzen to link it to Ōnoki's Dust Release and surmises that the substance was made from at least four nature transformations. As Naruto worries about protecting the Hokage, Sasuke notes that they were using their immortal bodies to gain a sense of Obito's abilities so they could find a way to defeat him which led Sasuke to tell Naruto to stop worrying about them. Minato, while noting Sasuke's intelligence, notes that their bodies took a while to reconstruct so he would have to create an opening for them. Elsewhere, the real Hashirama decides to head to the fore as well, but is stopped by Madara who stated he was done waiting around for his Senju rival. Taking his chance when it appeared that Obito had still not gotten used to being the beast's jinchūriki, Minato teleports his clone to his side and prepares to use the Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three technique with the clone. However, Obito makes a play to attack Naruto but is blocked by Sasuke's Susanoo. Even with his torso halfway across the battlefield, Obito is able to take Minato by surprise and send him reeling. As Sasuke attempts to attack Obito, however, he takes both him and Naruto by surprise, breaking through Susanoo's defence and attacking the two. As Minato prepares to teleport again, he anxiously hopes he makes it in time.

Chapter 640

"Finally" (やっとだよ, Yatto da yo)

With Minato unable to teleport to Naruto and Sasuke's aid because the mark that was previously on Obito had seemingly vanished, things looked dire for the two. Naruto, however, remembering his father's explanation of how his technique works, uses chakra arms to grab onto both Sasuke, and his father allowing Minato to teleport them to safety. Thoroughly impressed by his son's action, Minato and his group turn their attention back to Obito in time to see the new jinchūriki losing control of the beast once again as his body begins to become distorted. As Obito launches a compressed version of the mysterious substance, Minato prepares to deflect the projectile, but to everyone's shock, the attack stops short of them, expands and then contracts before returning to Obito. Thinking that the attack was meant for Minato's shadow clone, they soon realise that Obito was struggling to maintain control and the previous attack was an attempt to destroy the out-of-control portion of his body. Intent on launching his counter-attack, Minato instructs Sasuke and Naruto to follow up with a collaborative attack right after. During this time, Obito — who is only able to utter Rin's name at this point — struggles to maintain his consciousness and with it, the control of the beast. As Minato, remembering the young man he had trained years before, rushes to aid him, in Obito's subconscious, Obito focuses on an image of his old team as the Ten-Tails attempts to rip his consciousness apart, Obito is ultimately able to seize control of the beast, emerging in a form even more reminiscent of the Sage of the Six Paths' silhouette inclusive of a shakujō. In full control, Obito attacks Minato, tearing his arm off, forcing the Fourth Hokage to teleport a safe distance away. However, their safety is proven to be nothing but a ruse as Sasuke and Naruto noticed that Obito had attached some of the mysterious substance to Minato's reconstructing body. In shock, all those around them look on as the ball began to glow, preparing to expand as it had done before.

Chapter 641

"You Guys are the Main!!" (君らがメインだ!!, Kimi-ra ga Mein da!!)

With time running out on them as the threat grew even greater, Minato decides that he would have to teleport away from them with the ominous ball. Before any of them can react, however, a regenerated Tobirama arrives to their aid and grabs the orb, teleports to Obito — whom he had managed to mark during their previous confrontation. As the orb expands some distance away from the shinobi, the real Tobirama arrives noting that it was a shadow clone that was just destroyed. Elsewhere on the battlefield, the Allied Shinobi Forces watch on as the two titans Madara and Hashirama clash, awestruck at the level at which their predecessors fought. Shikamaru uses the opportunity to tell everyone — via Ino — that they were not to lose focus for a second because no matter how little power they had in comparison, even the smallest opening could be exploited.

Meanwhile, Obito emerges from the rubble unscathed having used the mysterious substance to protect himself, leading Minato and Tobirama to readjust their strategy. As they do this, however, Sasuke rushes forth despite the Fourth's protests that he would create the opening and uses Amaterasu, which Obito deflects. Not one to be outdone, Naruto follows suit, correcting Sasuke and noting that they would be the ones to create the opening for the Second and Fourth to attack. While surprised, Tobirama nonetheless calls Minato to action, and both men mark each other with their respective Flying Thunder God seals intent on using the Flying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique. With the preparations made, Sasuke and Naruto rush forth with another Kagutsuchi-infused Rasenshuriken while simultaneously, Tobirama appears behind Obito. Preparing to launch their attack, Minato teleports before them and is struck with the technique. Employing their own tactic, Minato and Obito switch places causing Obito to be hit by Naruto and Sasuke's attack. Tobirama reinforces the fall of Obito while Minato is left with the dark orbs that surrounded Obito before the switch took place. Tobirama urges Minato to finish the attack instead of making up silly names for each jutsu. Some ways away, Sakura sees the black flames and asks Hinata how her team-mates were doing as the latter notes that both young men were smiling.

Chapter 642

"Breakthrough" (突破口, Toppakō)

With the entire area set ablaze from the attack on Obito, Sasuke and Naruto watch, wondering if their attack was successful. Meanwhile, Tobirama teleports to Minato's side, noting that they had landed their attack before Obito could shield himself with the mysterious orbs. However, Obito emerges from the flames, unscathed as the orbs erase the black flames. As the two Hokage analyse the situation, Tobirama notes that Minato's arm should have regenerated by now, and comes to the conclusion that whatever Obito was doing involved the use of Yin–Yang rendering the regenerative abilities of the technique useless. As Naruto calls out to Sasuke noting they would have to lead the assault and attempts to go into Tailed Beast Mode. As a result, the mantle disappears altogether leading Tobirama to chide Naruto and Minato for not thinking.

As Minato sheepishly apologises to the Second, they are all shocked when Gamakichi attacks Obito with the Starch Syrup Gun technique noting that the Summoning Technique was soon going to run out and he wanted to try something before he disappeared. As Obito deflects the attack under the shinobi's watchful eyes, Minato questions of his intentions lead Obito to decry the position of Hokage, leading Minato to blame the chain of events during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack on his inability to recognise his own student. Naruto, however, tells the jinchūriki not to look down on the position because he was unable to acquire it, and — picking up on what was happening as Naruto formed a Rasengan — Tobirama teleports Naruto above Obito where he sends his attack crashing into Obito's back. Though Sasuke and Minato are shocked, Tobirama explains that it appeared that senjutsu was effective against Obito's form. As Minato notes that his son had become a sage like his own sensei, the silhouetted Yin half of Kurama notes that Naruto had grown up to be someone who loved his parents and had even persuaded his Yang-half to cooperate with him.

Chapter 643

"Joining Fists…!!" (合わせる拳…!!, Awaseru Kobushi…!!)

Yin-Kurama questions Minato about whether or not he had always intended to have his son take care of the situation for him, questioning whether that was the reason behind sealing its Yang half into him. The fox then tells Minato it was not his fault that his wife died, and Naruto becoming a jinchūriki was not inherently bad. Back on the battlefield, Naruto and Tobirama regroup with the others, and while Naruto explains the fact that senjutsu had been effective against their opponent, Tobirama muses to himself that Naruto's ability to work with his Flying Thunder God Technique and use of senjutsu reminded him greatly of fighting alongside his brother. Recovering from his injuries, Obito lamented that even as the beast's jinchūriki, he could not afford to act carelessly, before casually continuing on with the Eye of the Moon Plan. Creating an enormous tree with four opened flowers, Obito creates four Tailed Beast Balls intent on destroying the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces in one fell swoop.

As the shinobi scramble to deal with the situation, Tobirama noted that even if he and Minato used the Flying Thunder God Technique to teleport the attack away, they could each only carry two, only halving the threat. Calling out to his brother, Hashirama once again beseeches Madara to put their battle off so that he can deal with the situation, but the Uchiha notes that they were reincarnated and as such it would not matter if they were caught in it. He then challenges his Senju rival to defeat him if he wanted to help. One of Hashirama's remaining wood clones calls out to the Alliance to not lose their nerves and explains his strategy to them. However, Obito with the use of the chakra receivers erects a barrier, intent on trapping the shinobi with the attack. As they readjust their strategy to their new predicament, Naruto notes that he had a plan but wasn't sure it would work. He then proceeds to ask Minato to bump fists with him, connecting the two halves of Kurama. The Yang half of Kurama asks its Yin half to help it by providing it with some chakra, to which the Yin half noted that it begging itself for help was weird. As Obito — wrapped in a defensive cloak — continues to decry Minato exclaiming that it would soon be the anniversary of Minato and Kushina's death. Noting that it only meant that tomorrow was also his birthday, Naruto tells Obito that the world would not end because he still existed within it. Donning his Tailed Beast Mode mantle, he calls out to his father who marvelled to Kushina that their son had grown up, responds emphatically.

Chapter 644

"I Know" (分かってる, Wakatteru)

Through a fist bump, father and son begin to meld the chakra of Yin and Yang Kurama together, and while the Shinobi Alliance members look on in desperation, Minato and Naruto employ their strategy. To everyone's shock, their Version 1 mantles soon reappear and while Sakura notes that she thought the shroud had disappeared, Katsuyu informs her that she had noticed it while healing the shinobi and realised that the shroud had only diminished, and Hinata noticing this time it wasn't only Naruto's chakra. As Jūgo, who had made his way back to Sasuke's side, notes that the situation was getting hopeless and that Sasuke needed to have him reverse summon them, Naruto calls for the two to come before him so he could distribute his chakra to them as well. While garnering praise from Hashirama for the sheer volume comparable to his own, Obito deems this a futile effort and while sealing himself away in the substance, as the tree fires the Tailed Beast Balls.

As the dust settles, everyone is revealed to have survived the attack, much to Obito and the Alliance's shock. While Tobirama praises Minato, coming to their aid for the second time during the battle, it is explained that by melding Yin and Yang Kurama's chakra, Minato was in turn connected to the other shinobi on the battlefield. This allowed him to teleport them outside of the barrier. Explaining the concept based off how shadow clones operated, a stumped Naruto is surprised that Tobirama knew so much about the Shadow Clone Technique, causing Tobirama to irritably exclaim that it was another technique he had invented. Naruto's later echoing of his father's sentiments, causes Yin-Kurama to note that the young jinchūriki must have had a curious upbringing to be treating a tailed beast as a comrade. Minato takes the opportunity to tell Naruto that he wished to speak to him, but Naruto dismisses him, noting that men could say all they wanted to each other with a mere glance. Allaying his father's misgivings, Naruto happily notes that both his and his mother's feelings had already been conveyed to him.

Chapter 645

"Two Powers…!!" (二つの力…!!, Futatsu no Chikara…!!)

After the conversation between father and son, Naruto dons his Tailed Beast Mode shroud as he plans to attack Obito with renewed vigour. Before so, Tobirama reminds the latter that only senjutsu-based attacks could damage the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, causing Naruto to panic since he had forgotten already. Inside Naruto's mind, Yang-Kurama tells Naruto that since both of them are on friendly terms, Naruto can use Sage Mode whilst using its power similar to the time the young shinobi conversed with Nagato. On the other hand, Yin-Kurama also tells Minato that he can also under-go a full Tailed Beast Mode transformation to provide powerful support for his son. Following the advice of the beast, Naruto goes full Tailed Beast Mode in sync with his Sage Mode while Minato unleashes his Tailed Beast Mode as well.

Minato, with Naruto's help, prepares a large-scale, senjutsu-infused Rasengan, and with Tobirama's Flying Thunder God Technique, quickly slams it unto Obito, who uses chakra arms and a fluid barrier to repel the attack. Noting the barrier's durability, Naruto and Minato pool their strengths together to form a senjutsu-infused Tailed Beast Ball to destroy the opponent's defences. Meanwhile, Sasuke, along with the surviving shinobi, watch the battle as the Uchiha ponders just how far Naruto had come. Obito then undergoes his own tailed beast transformation, planning to continue the Eye of the Moon Plan, shocking Madara, who was still battling Hashirama.

Chapter 646

"God Tree " (神樹, Shinju)

Having manifested the Ten-Tails, whose stomach begins to open up, Obito mulls over his next step before removing the barrier, as the beast transforms into an enormous tree. The tree stretches its roots and grabs hold of the shinobi on the battlefield, absorbing their chakra cloaks and their own chakra, leaving them emaciated, and causing wide-spread panic at the predicament. As Gyūki confirmed that this was the last and true form of the beast: the "God Tree", Madara and Hashirama continue their battle where the Uchiha reveals the history of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the God Tree and the forbidden fruit that it bore once in a millennium, and how chakra became a weapon for man to use as a result of Kaguya consuming the fruit and giving birth to a son, who would become known as the Sage of Six Paths as written on the Naka Shrine tablet. He also noted that once the flower bloomed, the eye within it would be reflected onto the moon, casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and that the one who would complete the plan was he himself. Meanwhile, as Naruto tries to escape the clutches of the tree to very little avail, Tobirama slices through the branches, but they start to regenerate too quickly for himself, or a chakra depleted Minato to rescue him.

With Naruto's situation getting dire as both his Tailed Beast Mode mantle and Sage Mode markings disappear, Hiruzen arrives in the nick of time and, after apologising for his late arrival, destroys the branches with his adamantine staff and retreats with Naruto, allowing Tobirama to teleport them all to where Sasuke and Jūgo were surveying the occurrence. Slightly recovering, Naruto looks around in anguish at his fallen comrades, while Obito tells them all to simply give in, and that their suffering would end soon as the flower atop the tree begins to slowly open.

Chapter 647

"Regrets" (後悔, Kōkai)

En route to the main battlefield, the five Kage see the tree form of the Ten-Tails and wonder just what it was, which leads Tsunade to ask Katsuyu to explain exactly what was happening where its other divisions were. When Shikamaru is found to be one of the victims of the tree's attack, Sakura tries to have Katsuyu heal him remotely, but Katsuyu informs her that its clones also died due to having their chakra absorbed, leading the medical-nin and Sai to rush to her comrade's side instead. The Allied Shinobi Forces members spiral into despair, and taking advantage of the all-time-low morale, Obito declares that he would not kill those who stopped resisting, but Hashirama's wood clone reminds them not to give up because the fate Obito wanted for them was no less worse than death. Hiruzen's sentiments cause Orochimaru — who had just arrived with Suigetsu and Karin in tow — to note that pessimism was very out of character for his sensei. As Madara and Hashirama continued to fight, the Uchiha reveals that even without the full chakra of the Eight and Nine-Tails, the tree form of the Ten-Tails would bloom in approximately fifteen minutes, during which Madara planned to take Obito's place using Hashirama's senjutsu abilities.

As the info is relayed to him, Hashirama's wood clone called out for a Yamanaka, and while startled, Ino responds and on the command of the First, patches him through to the Alliance. Connected, the clone passes on the recent revelation, and also tries to boost the shinobi's morale, telling them decisively to not give up. As the tree moves again to attack, a large chunk of its root is cut off by a Susanoo-clad Sasuke, who asks Naruto if he had already reached the limit of his capacity. Responding to his friend's question, Naruto once again enters both Tailed Beast Mode and Sage Mode and through Ino's technique, his feelings and memories are conveyed to everyone. Remembering his time as a child and the people he had lost along the way, Naruto notes that he did not want to have any more regrets and that the sacrifices made would not be in vain.

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Masashi Kishimoto, 2013


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