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バグ Bagu
Manga Volume #, Boruto Chapter #56
Appears in Manga
Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Outer

Bug (バグ, Bagu) is an Outer from the organisation Kara.


At some point, Bug joined Boro's cult. When Boro was instructed to dispose of Ada, he was affected by her powers of infatuation. Instead, he hid her inside his base, having Bug guard her. Her powers also automatically made Bug become infatuated with her.


While serving Boro, Bug was dutiful in following his leader's wishes. However, it might have been incited out of fear, as he questioned the validity of Code's suggestion on Boro's death, and showed no surprise at the mention of his and Jigen's deaths. Out of apprehension on Code's stern look, Bug agreed to lead him to the cyborgs, disregarding whether Boro is truly dead. Bug is also money-minded, expecting payment for showing Code the cyborgs. Despite being greedy in terms of payment, Bug is also cautious, finding Code and Ada's plans too radical.


Bug is an elderly man with several missing teeth and a long beard. He wears an aviator-like attire and a black mantle over his shoulders.

New Era

Post-Kawaki Arc

Main article: Post-Kawaki Arc After Code stormed the base, he confronted Bug, noting that Jigen and Boro were dead. He demanded that Bug take him to Ada. He agreed, so long as he was paid. Before he could finish warning him about the woman, Code smashed the pod open. Upon awakening, she indifferently passed Code. As Code became affected by Ada's ability, Ada insisted she would happily talk after she freshened up. Bug explained the nature of Ada's imprisonment. When Bug tried to leave as Ada and Code struck up a partnership, Code stopped him.


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