"Byakugan Battle: Hinata Grows Bold!" (白眼開眼!! 内気なヒナタの大胆決意!, Byakugan Kaigen!! Uchiki na Hinata no Daitan Ketsui!) is episode 46 of the original Naruto anime.


The next match is Hinata Hyūga against Neji Hyūga, her cousin from the branch house of the Hyūga clan. Hinata calls Neji "brother", which Kakashi explains as both of them coming from the Hyūga clan and being related to each other. The match starts and Neji intimidates and berates his cousin, saying that she is too kind and gentle to be a ninja. Hinata, scared and helpless, seems ready to forfeit when Neji continues his criticisms. Tired of his taunts, Naruto cheers Hinata on, giving her the strength to fight back. Hinata and Neji fight each other using the Hyūga clan's trademark Gentle Fist style.