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A truly fearsome[2] technique created by Deidara to counter the Sharingan and the genjutsu it produces.


Deidara uses his own mouth instead of the ones on his hands to create a giant doll in his image. When the doll ruptures, it releases a cloud of microscopic bombs that enter the bloodstream of anyone who inhales them. On Deidara's command, the micro-bombs' detonation causes the victims' bodies to disintegrate at the cellular level; literally turning them into dust.

While fighting Ōnoki, Deidara utilises an alternate method of C4 by forming a small, chibi-like clay statue of himself with the mouths in his hands.[3]


  • "C-4", also known as Composition C-4. is the latest of the Composition C plastic explosives that has been used since the 1950s due to its effectiveness.
  • "Karura" (迦楼羅) is the Japanese Buddhist equivalent of Garuda, a bird man of Hindu mythology who feeds on serpents.

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