Ceramic Village
Kanji 陶の里
Rōmaji Chori no Sato
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
Village Data
Country Land of Wind
Leader Mashō, Gōshō

The Ceramic Village (陶の里, Chori no Sato) was a small village in the Land of Wind, near the border with the Land of Rivers. The area surrounding the village was not as barren as most of the country, being well-forested. Per its name, the village was famous for its ceramics, the clay for which was gathered from the surrounding area. Ceramic tiles adorned all of the village's buildings and tall chimneys for kilns were common throughout.

The Ceramic Village was historically led by a family of "Ceramics Gods" (陶神, Chori Kami), who lived in a large mansion in the village's center. These Ceramics Gods gathered the best innovations of the village's ceramists and kept them safe, kept them secret. These Ceramics Gods also tended to dictate the village's artistic standards. Under Mashō, the village became famous for its Hanasaki style, marked by its simple appearance yet exquisite beauty. When the special clay used for Hanasaki started to run out, Mashō was unwilling to compromise his artistic standards, threatening to ruin the village once the clay inevitably ran out.

To save the village, Mashō's son, Gōshō, secretly killed his father and all the other Hanasaki ceramists, telling everyone they'd abandoned the village. He hid the remaining supply of Hanasaki clay, forcing the village to pursue new art styles. Under Gōshō, the village's ceramics became extremely ornate, luxurious, and colorful. Although the village prospered, gathering much more fame and business than it ever had before, some believed its new ceramics had no artistic value. Gōshō didn't consider this a problem, feeling that art that didn't sell wasn't worth pursuing.

Ten years after Mashō's death, Sasori and Deidara of Akatsuki traveled to Ceramic Village to seek out the clay used in the Hanasaki style. In the course of doing so the village was destroyed by Deidara's C2. Only Kanyū, the last practitioner of Hanasaki, survived.

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