The Chūnin Re-Examination Arc (中忍再試験編, Chūnin Saishiken-hen) is the twenty-first arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. It covered episodes 221 to 230. It is preceded by the Kawaki Arc and followed by the Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc.


The Chūnin Exams Resume

Sai administers the first round of the Chūnin Exams.

Following the defeat of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Konoha decides to host another round of Chūnin Exams as the previous one had been disrupted by the invasion of Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki. Sai administers the written portion of the Chūnin Exam, while Naruto gives an interview explaining the need for qualified shinobi based on recent events. Throughout the written exam, the genin teams use their skills to share answers, with one genin disqualified from being caught cheating. Following the results of the written exam, the advancing teams celebrate in preparation for the second round. Kaito Kawanami, a senior of Boruto's in the Academy, acts haughty towards him. Boruto doesn't recall who he is, and Denki explains that his team mostly take on overseas missions. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru congratulate them, and explain they want to promote shinobi with varied skills. During the night, Boruto has trouble sleeping from recalling what he did in the previous Chūnin Exams. Naruto reassures him he knows his strengths, telling him to do what he would normally do, and Boruto vows to do his best.

The second round of the exams.

The second round of the exams are held in the Forest of Death, where battle conditions are simulated. Individually, the genin must rescue injured subordinates. Upon learning there are only 10 subordinates for 26 genin, one team rushes in before all instructions are given, and are disqualified upon being captured by forest wildlife. Sarada asks about returning with the subordinate within the time limit to advance to the third round, but the genin learn that there is no third round. The exams begin, with Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sai observing the various teams' performance through cameras. Tsubaki rescues a subordinate. Namida finds Mirai by a campfire, thinking her to be a subordinate, but she's actually in the role of an enemy shinobi, and knocks Namida unconscious. Team 40 gets trapped in a sand pit. Iwabee and Wasabi argue over who found a subordinate. Mitsuki fends off a chūnin while carrying his hostage. Team 25 collaborate. Boruto escapes from insects. Denki finds a subordinate, someone much bigger than himself, but remains committed to carrying him off the forest. Boruto finds a subordinate with the help of a snake. Denki makes it off the forest. Sarada sees through Mirai's Mitsuki disguise and engages in combat. Wasabi and Iwabee succeed in taking their subordinates out of the forest. Kaito lays a trap for Boruto, having placed a transmitter on him before the exam began, and takes his subordinate. Encountering a bear, he gets scared and falls off to the side. Boruto's subordinate frees herself and Boruto from Kaito's web, which she assures him is an understandable special circumstance. Boruto decides to rescue Kaito, understanding the risks associated with losing time. He carries Kaito with a shadow clone, and almost makes it out of the forest with his subordinate before the time limit expires. Tsubaki, Hōki, Inojin, Chōchō, Denki, Wasabi, Iwabee, Sarada, and Mitsuki pass. Boruto also passes, and the proctors explain they were judged on overall performance, so his commitment to not abandoning an injured team-mate counted for his result, as it's not always possible to complete a mission.

Learning that the genin may have to fight their own team-mates, they are disheartened. The proctors explain they'll be judged on their ability to improvise and adapt to the situation, so their opponent will only be announced the day of the match. They're free to spend the next day training or resting. Team 7 discuss their motivations for becoming chūnin, and promise not to hold back if they have to fight each other. Though Metal did not advance to the final round, he offers to help Denki and Iwabee train. Shikadai takes Inojin and Chōchō to barbecue. Inojin tries taking over Chōchō to avoid their bill getting too big, but she overpowers him. They think back to going there since they were babies, and Shikadai offers to handle the bill, and when they're chūnin, they'll split the bills. Inojin and Chōchō later discuss that Shikadai was wearing his chūnin vest under his clothes, as an encouragement for them to earn their own. Sai checks up on Team 25, and they focus on their Anbu teachings. Wasabi and Tsubaki train together, but Tsubaki says it's enough for the day, not wanting Wasabi to be exhausted the next day. Tsubaki receives a message from the Land of Iron. She's happy because she's being called back for a leadership position after the exams are over, seeing it as the result of her training with shinobi. Namida and Wasabi are happy for her success, but sad over her imminent departure. Sarada asks Sasuke for advice, and he tells her the same he told Boruto, that a shinobi must always be prepared. She hears a loud noise, and finds Chōchō training by herself. Chōchō confesses feeling jealous over Shikadai being the only chūnin in their team, despite them being like family. The genin prepare for the final round the following day.

The Final Round Begins

On the day of the final round of the Chūnin Exams, Boruto and Mitsuki discuss becoming chūnin. Himawari calls her brother, mentioning that there were sketchy people they encountered. Boruto and Mitsuki decide to pursue their tracks. They find that a group of men push Amado into the train and decide to track him. Meanwhile in the arena, Konohamaru and Shikamaru discuss its repair since Momoshiki's attack, and the broadcasting of the finals, since each village held its own exam separately. Naruto invites Kawaki to watch the finals with him and cheer on Boruto, but he's not interested, so Naruto points out that as a round featuring battles, Kawaki might get to see all sorts of ninjutsu. Konohamaru explains the rules and win conditions of the fights. Sarada is concerned by Boruto's and Mitsuki's absence, but they won't be disqualified if they arrive before their names are drawn for a fight. Inojin and Hōki are chosen as the first participants in the final round.

Hōki repels Inojin's technique.

Minutes before facing off, Hōki and Inojin recall each other's abilities. The two face off, with Inojin launching a series of attacks through his Super Beast Imitating Drawing. Hōki repels Inojin's attacks, creating a rock maze to change the terrain of the battlefield. Soon after Hōki scours the area to gain intel on the terrain, Inojin flies above the maze, only to be struck back down to the ground with Hōki's Earth Release pillars. Inojin decides to use his Mind Body Switch Technique, noting his limited chakra reserves. Hōki takes note of this, trying to provoke him by suggesting he concede the fight. Inojin leaves an ink trail to make Hōki attack him from a known position, and uses his jutsu. Inside Hōki's mind, Inojin is attacked by a construct and is forced out. Hōki holds him at kunai point, and Konohamaru declares him the winner. Renga and Hako celebrate, while Shikadai and Chōchō check up on Inojin. The groups reflects on the match regarding their abilities and techniques. With the first match concluded, Iwabee and Wasabi's names are drawn for the second match. Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki were unsuccessful in finding Amado.

Wasabi protects Iwabee.

In preparation for the match, Iwabee is fired up while Wasabi is visited by her parents and grandmother. They express pride and joy with Wasabi representing their clan and exhibiting confidence in her potential to become Hokage. Wasabi's grandmother hands her a scroll she left at home, a jutsu passed down their clan that channels a monster cat. Wasabi points out her match is about to begin, and asks them to return to their seats. Wasabi notes that she has not met a jōnin from her clan and wants to make her clan proud, but the expectations weigh on her. The match begins, with Iwabee being oblivious to Wasabi's low energy. He attempts to crush her, but Wasabi repels and counterattacks. Iwabee notices Wasabi's parents cheering on her, which embarrasses her, and she confesses that while she wants to be a great shinobi, becoming Hokage isn't hear goal, just something her family assumed and expects of her. That angers Iwabee, who holds the Hokage in the highest regard. Iwabee notices she dropped a scroll, and she explains the supposed jutsu, though she doubts it's legitimate. She recalls her grandmother telling her about the jutsu. She believes that if such a jutsu existed, she could never use it because of the limits of what she can do. Iwabee agrees with her, finding her so afraid of other's expectations she doesn't dare to dream big. He asks if she'll dream big if she sees a cat as big as a mountain, like her grandmother told her, and uses his Earth Release to create one. After creating one, Iwabee collapses while the head of the statue breaks and falls towards him. Wasabi successfully uses her clan's jutsu to destroy the cat head and protect Iwabee. Konohamaru declares Wasabi the victor, pointing out Iwabee can no longer stand. The third match is announced, with Sarada's and Chōchō's names drawn. Meanwhile Boruto and Mitsuki notice Amado and continue to investigate the situation.

Sarada and Chōchō clash with their final technique.

Kawaki attempts to leave the arena, with Shinki approaching to convince Kawaki to watch the match between Sarada and Chōchō. Kawaki, frustrated by Shinki's persistence, attacks Shinki- only to be temporarily restrained by his Iron Sand. Shinki encourages him once more to watch the match and lets go of Kawaki. Kawaki returns to the arena. Sarada and Chōchō begin to prepare for the third match, with Sarada showing confidence and Chōchō promising a bet with Inojin to become a chūnin. The match begins with Sarada and Chōchō attacking with Kunai. Sarada releases a series of Lightning Balls which pressure Chōchō. Chōchō gets mad at Sarada for showing a lack of seriousness towards the match. She knocks back Sarada with a direct punch via her Partial Multi-Size Technique. Sarada recalls her conversation with her father, and ensures a more serious and prepared match against her friend. The two engage each other with a sequence of taijutsu and then clash with Sarada's Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique versus Chōchō's Human Bullet Tank. They begin to tire out, with both claiming their determination to win the match. Sarada prepares her Chidori, while Chōchō activates her Butterfly Mode. The two clash one final time with techniques. Sarada is declared the winner, with Chōchō noting disappointment for herself. They both end the match via their unison sign. While Shikadai and Inojin carry Chōchō on the way back, Chōchō cries and shares that she lost the match and her promise with Inojin. Inojin dismisses her claim, noting that he would have mixed feelings if Chōchō became a chūnin without him. Sarada goes to Sasuke, expressing joy and understanding what being prepared means. Meanwhile Boruto and Mitsuki infiltrate a building where outside shinobi attempt to force Amado into striking a deal in giving them Scientific Ninja Tools in exchange for large sums of money. Amado refuses, noting his indebtedness to Konoha. Boruto and Mitsuki rescue Amado, as the other shinobi were attempting to take him by force. Amado reminds them of the exams, and Boruto and Mitsuki rush to the arena.

Denki defeating Tsubaki.

The last match is called for Denki to face Tsubaki, where Boruto and Mitsuki were both disqualified for failing to arrive on time for the match. Denki reflects on where his team-mates are now compared to where he previously started, while Tsubaki is determined to display results of her growth. Denki arrives on the stadium with a Lightning Release Suit on, puzzling many of the spectators. Denki's confidence makes an impression in Tsubaki. She makes the first move, but Denki's power suit allows him to quickly analyse her movements and react accordingly. He uses a pseudo Lightning Release they recognise from the previous Chūnin Exam with his suit. Katasuke excitedly explains that Denki's suit uses Lightning Release to stimulate his reflexes. Iwabee mentions that Tsubaki was the person Denki wanted to fight the least. Tsubaki and some of the spectators notice that Denki's attacks are getting more precise. Denki manages to land hits and throws Tsubaki up in the air, where he aims a fireball at her. She slices through it, and back on the ground, she manages to land an attack made in desperation. Tsubaki wants to test something, and begins attacking Denki not only with her sword, but also her sword's sheath. She's able to destroy Denki's visor. Katasuke explains the visor contained a motion sensor to help Denki predict her movements, which Sarada compares to the Sharingan. As Denki's suit begins to overheat, Tsubaki commends him on his effort. As Denki refuses to give up, he lets Tsubaki destroy his suit, much to her surprise. He uses the remainder of his chakra to land an attack on Tsubaki, defeating her. Denki is declared the winner. As the spectators celebrate, Konohamaru declares the four victors as chūnin. Tsubaki wakes up in the infirmary, and confesses to her team-mates she let her guard down when she learned Denki would be her opponent. She also says she didn't consider their feelings, and reveals her intention to request an extension of her stay in Konohagakure. On their way back to Sunagakure, Team Shinki discusses their mission to observe Kawaki, and Shinki admits he wanted to see Boruto's match. The new chūnin celebrate with their friends, team-mates, and families. At home, Naruto asks Kawaki his opinion. He thought everyone was too desperate to win, but thinks it's not too bad to start as a genin. Boruto and Mitsuki decide to have their match by themselves at the arena that night.

Final Mission

Hyōgo holds Konohamaru hostage.

While Sarada examines her new flak jacket, Sakura mentions how the team dynamic will change since she will serve as captain. She gives Boruto and Mitsuki forms to fill, and they discuss how the team is likely to change. Konohamaru's absence from the team leaves Sarada discontent, and they decide to see how he is, wishing to celebrate Sarada's promotion. Coming across Sai and Shikamaru, they discover Konohamaru is on a guard mission with Mirai, escorting a married couple checking on their future home. They learn that he won't be back until after Sarada's promotion. At home, Sasuke and Sakura notice how dejected Sarada is over not having Konohamaru as captain any more. Sasuke comforts her, and advises her how to approach it. Mirai makes her way back to Konoha battered and poisoned. While Sakura heals her, Sai informs Team 7 that she came alone. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru approves Team 7's request to find Konohamaru. Meanwhile, Konohamaru is tortured by Hyōgo's men, and recognises their leader as an infamous Kusagakure missing-nin. Arriving at the village, Boruto notices that the villagers seem to be cooperating with the bandits, and Mitsuki wonders if they're all hostages. Konohamaru is questioned about Konoha's sensing system, but divulges nothing. Hyōgo changes his approach, and instead of torturing Konohamaru, he tells his men to torture the guarded couple. Despite finding it premature, he decides to act, but Boruto arrives transformed as a woman, claiming to be a lost traveller. Hyōgo doubts it, as the village is away from everything, so no one arrives there on their way to somewhere else. A thick fog rolls in, and Team 7 begins taking out Hyōgo's subordinates. Konohamaru frees himself, and Team 7 informs him they've done all he planned to do using the fog as cover, including freeing the many hostages. Hyōgo tries using the fog to cover his escape, but Mitsuki's snake locates his direction, so Boruto and Sarada throw Konohamaru, who lands a Rasengan on him. He gets emotional over their last mission together, and they help repair the village before returning to Konoha. Naruto officially appoints the new chūnin as team captains. Team 7 takes a team photo.

Kawaki's Path to Becoming a Ninja

One morning, Hinata asks Boruto to wake up Kawaki as he has an important meeting at the Hokage's office that he cannot miss. Boruto, however, doesn't do it and after losing to Himawari in rock-paper-scissors, he goes to wake him up. Naruto explains that since Kawaki is already skilled, he has no need to go through the Academy and as such, assigns him D-rank missions with other teams; Kawaki performs poorly as he is unable to properly sync with his interim teammates. He falls asleep during the mission with Team 5 and he scares the client unconscious during his mission with Team 15. On top of this, Kawaki refuses Shikadai's invite to play cards with him and trains alone. Frustrated, Shikadai and the rest consult with Boruto who tries talking to Kawaki about it but is only rebuffed.

In a last attempt to help Kawaki, Naruto assigns him a C-rank mission to escort Mozuku with Shikadai and Chōchō to the Land of Calm Seas. Kawaki, however, bluntly admits that he isn't fit for a shinobi and leaves the room with Shikadai merely saying that he will take on the mission, regardless of Kawaki's intentions to join or not. Kawaki is then approached by Suika Kannonji who gives him his pay for completing his missions; Kawaki visits the taiyaki shop and purchases two for himself before overhearing a young child asking his mother to buy him some. Elsewhere, Boruto discusses with Shikadai and Inojin about Kawaki's behaviour and later, Boruto confronts Kawaki, concerned about his mission. This results in Kawaki running away and Hinata predicts that Kawaki simply just struggles to form positive relationships with others. Kawaki spots Sarada and after speaking to her, he decides to join on the escort mission, albeit arriving late.

In a forest, Kurobane and Jujumaru interrogate a young boy from the Land of Calm Seas before killing him; they both proceed to go to the Land of Fire. Elsewhere, Shikadai explains to Kawaki what the Land of Calm Seas is and is irritated by Kawaki's disinterest. Mozuku also lashes out, worrying about his well-being considering Kawaki's blunt self-admittance to not being a shinobi. At the same time in the Hokage Residence, Konohamaru gives Naruto and Shikamaru new intel about a boy's corpse and they discuss about the similar incidents happening in other countries. Meanwhile, Team 7 is on a D-rank mission guarding livestock when the cows suddenly get agitated as they spot Kurobane and Jujumaru; Boruto smells blood on them and expresses his belief that something is very wrong.

Kawaki and company stop by a river for a lunch break and Kawaki has a conversation with Mozuku and they find common ground on the fact that they grew up in poor conditions. At night, the group are attacked by Kurobane and Jujumaru with the former stealing Mozuku's box while the latter trapping Kawaki and company within a barrier of blood. Kurobane escapes while a battle ensues: Mozuku attempts escaping the barrier but finds himself losing control over his own body; Shikadai knocks Mozuku unconscious before he could kill himself. Kawaki fires an energy blast but the threads repair themselves, resulting in Jujumaru repeatedly boasting about how no one has escaped from his barrier unharmed before. Shikadai takes a moment to think before asking Chōchō to attack the threads; he is then able to deduce the speed at which they regenerate. Before Chōchō could attack Shikadai and Kawaki, Shikadai captures Chōchō in his shadow and has her attack Jujumaru. Jujumaru counterattacks and injures Chōchō before being knocked out.

After tying Jujumaru up, Kawaki interrogates Mozuku who explains everything concerning the Land of Calm Seas: an epidemic was affecting the population and the daimyō was monopolising the treatment. Mozuku's teacher was a doctor who had secretly developed a faster-acting cure but is forced to go into hiding and rely on his students to complete the cure. Mozuku begs the team to recover the cure and Kawaki takes it upon himself to do so even if it meant breaching the orders of Shikadai, who was the acting team captain. Kawaki parts ways, telling Shikadai to return to Konoha with the injured Chōchō. Kawaki and Mozuku chase after Kurobane who is revealed by Mozuku to be working as Anbu in service of the daimyō. Back in Konoha, Konohamaru reveals that all of the murdered victims were from the Land of Calm Seas and Naruto orders an emergency dispatch from Team 7 to assist Team 10; Mitsuki receives the news and muses over how Boruto's intuition was correct. Shikadai stops for a moment to let Chōchō rest and bump into Boruto and Sarada who had abandoned their mission (having asked Mitsuki to complete it) to check on Shikadai; Boruto is dismayed when Shikadai tells him that Kawaki went off on his own.

Kawaki and Mozuku catch up to Kurobane who taunts them before casting a mist barrier. Out of the mist comes clones of Jujumaru which Mozuku wrongly deduces is a result of genjutsu; he tried and failed to release the genjutsu leading Kurobane to explain how his technique extracts water from living things. Kawaki and Mozuku suddenly become thirsty and Kurobane attacks them with a real blade; Kawaki deduces that Kurobane's real body was somewhere and dissipates some of the fog with Fire Release and after finding him, strikes him. Retrieving the box, Kawaki is then surprised when Mozuku protects him from Kurobane's blade which he had manipulated after pretending to be unconscious. Kurobane attacks Kawaki again but Boruto destroys the blade with Rasengan and Shikadai traps Kurobane with his shadow, preventing him from escaping. With Mozuku's last words, Kawaki forges forward to complete the mission with Boruto and Shikadai helping; they are then attacked by pursuers who are stalled by Boruto and Shikadai. Kawaki meets with Mozuku's teacher who is then held at knife-point in order to force Kawaki to give up the medicine, however, after handing it over, he kills the assailant, revealing that the box had been empty the entire time. Kawaki then gave the medicine to Mozuku's teacher before leaving with Boruto and Shikadai.


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
221 "The Chūnin Exams Resume" 24 October 2021
222 "The Night Before the Final Round" 31 October 2021
223 "Inojin vs. Hōki" 7 November 2021
224 "The Legend of the Monster Cat" 14 November 2021
225 "Showdown Between Close Friends" 21 November 2021
226 "Samurai vs. Science" 28 November 2021
227 "Team 7's Last Mission?!" 5 December 2021
228 "Kawaki's Path to Becoming a Ninja" 12 December 2021
229 "Breach of Orders" 19 December 2021
230 "A Wish" 26 December 2021


  • This is the first Chūnin Exam centred arc where no major incidents disrupt or cancel the exams.