A target's chakra being absorbed through contact.

Chakra absorption techniques (チャクラ吸引術, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu, English TV: Chakra Absorption Jutsu) allow the user to absorb the chakra of another individual - usually an opponent's - and utilise it as if it were their own. Those who have had their chakra absorbed have reduced options in combat due to the lost chakra, and if enough chakra is taken they may be too weak to move.[1] Conversely, those who have absorbed the chakra have expanded combat options due to the increased chakra reserves and their physical condition may improve as a result.[2] However, users must be able to process the chakra they absorb; if they absorb senjutsu-chakra but do not have the required training in senjutsu, they will turn to stone.[3]

When absorbing another's chakra, most ninja require some medium through which to do so, whether it be a jutsu (as in several Wood Release techniques), a weapon (notably Samehada and the anime's Infinite Armour), or some other resource (as in the Aburame clan's kikaichū). Others are able to absorb chakra simply by making physical contact with a target. Known individuals that can do so are: Yoroi Akadō,[4] Jirōbō,[5] Kisame Hoshigaki,[6] White Zetsu,[7] Black Zetsu,[8] Madara Uchiha,[9] Obito Uchiha,[10] Fūka,[11] and the Ultimate Summoning Beast.[12]


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