The Chakra Armour (チャクラの鎧, Chakura no Yoroi) is a unique type of armour that drains chakra from ninjutsu and genjutsu while at the same time amplifies the wearer's chakra. A black-coloured prototype armour was worn by Dotō Kazahana.

This being said, the armour is also seen blocking and defending against thrown projectiles which require no chakra in the least, raising the question of what exactly their armour is based on. The armour has been shown to be strong enough to protect its wearer from multiple explosive tags, though it became heavily damaged in the process.

Despite the advantage it gives the wearer, multiple wearers must be careful not to be too close to one another, as the armour is highly unstable and will, if sufficiently damaged, explode on contact with another suit. The fact that this armour's main strength is chakra absorption also makes the wearer vulnerable to taijutsu and other blunt physical trauma. Also, Sasuke's Chidori was able to crack Dotō's armour, and Naruto was able to deal the blow that shattered its defence, suggesting that the armour has its limits in absorbing chakra.

Aside from these features, the Chakra Armour was also endowed with a wristmounted wire-launcher, enabling the user to either quickly move about using the wire, or bind and restrain an opponent. Some suits of armour was also shown having built-in wings for gliding, such as the one worn by Fubuki Kakuyoku and Dotō.

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