Chakra Cannons (チャクラ砲, Chakura Hō) were a set of specialised long-ranged weapons that fired beams of chakra. This weapon is loaded with chakra from groups of shinobi. These were utilised in order to destroy the Moon, which was falling towards the Earth because of Toneri Ōtsutsuki. This was a weapon hidden away by the Fourth Raikage, after the Fourth Shinobi World War. For firing purposes, it consisted of three muzzles.


Chakra Diffusion Cannon[]

The main purpose of this cannon was to destroy the meteorites formed from the falling Moon. This weapon is fired when the chakra capacity is at hundred percent. This utilised the two twin muzzles on the bottom of the cannon that would fire a joint blue beam of chakra, which would diffuse into a multitude of beams in order to counter and destroy all of the falling meteorites.

Chakra Transportation Cannon[]

This was the more powerful cannon, and it consisted of the top muzzle and had the ability to transport any target into another dimension, essentially causing the destruction of the entire Moon. This cannon glowed a large, yellow orb of chakra when activated. However, it was never fired despite A's orders, due to Killer B refusing to kill Naruto, who was on the moon at the time, as well as Naruto and the others finishing the mission and saving the Earth in time before the cannon could be used.

Scientific Ninja Tool Cannon[]

Scientific Ninja Tool Cannon

A Scientific Ninja Tool cannon.

A highly advanced cannon that fired a powerful large blue beam of chakra after charging at a hundred percent. The Funato clan developed a giant, mobile sea fortress with technology stolen from Kirigakure, which featured this Scientific Ninja Tool, used for their raids and to attack nearby ships.


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