See also: List of Volumes and Anime-Manga Differences This page lists the changes made from individual chapter releases, when they were first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump, to their tankōbon format.



  • Kidōmaru originally used just one hand to hold his bow, with another hand to hold the arrow.[1] In the tankōbon version, he also uses both his feet to hold the bow, while hanging from spider silk and instead using his mouth to hold the arrow in place.[2]
  • After Deidara and Sasori brought Gaara to the Akatsuki hideout, Pain is depicted with tomoe in his Rinnegan once,[3] this is corrected in the tankōbon version.[4]
  • During Itachi Uchiha's final fight with Sasuke, he is drawn with normal Sharingan in one of the panels,[5] this is corrected in the tankōbon version.[6]
  • Itachi Uchiha's Susanoo originally wasn't shaded,[7][8][9] unlike those of Sasuke and Madara, this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[10]
  • In The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi, the Naruto in the story does not have whisker markings,[11] they are later added in the tankōbon version.[12]
  • When confronting Kakashi Hatake, the Deva Path of Pain is drawn with a Konohagakure forehead protector in one panel,[13] this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[12]
  • When Torune débuted, his eyes were visible underneath his mask,[14] this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[15]
  • When Kushina Uzumaki recounts events twelve years prior to the start of the series, both Hiruzen Sarutobi and Biwako Sarutobi are depicted as being older than they should have been, during the time of Minato Namikaze's tenure.[16] However, this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[17]
  • When Kisame was place in the wooden stock, his Akatsuki ring was missing.[18] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[19]
  • When Kisame breaks free of the stocks, you can't see his left arm breaking free but his hand unattached.[18] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[19]
  • Although light in colour, Zaji's hair is mistakenly shaded dark in two panels,[20] this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[21]
  • After divulging the methods to stop the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, Kabuto Yakushi was illustrated without his glasses as he left Tobi.[22] This was later corrected in the tankōbon version.[21]
  • When Chūkichi requests assistance from a group composed from Hanzō, Kimimaro and Chiyo during the Fourth Shinobi World War, another reincarnated shinobi was depicted with them.[23] In the tankōbon, this unknown individual was omitted.[21]
  • Ginkaku's hair originally wasn't shaded,[24][25][26][27] however, in the tankōbon version it is.[28]
  • Ibuse originally wasn't shaded,[29][30] however, in the tankōbon version it is.[28]
  • In chapter 534, Chōza is depicted wearing earrings in one panel,[31] this is however corrected in the tankōbon version of the manga.[32]
  • In one panel, Toroi is mistakenly depicted with a bandanna-like forehead protector,[33] this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[34]
  • When the reincarnated Kage are observed traversing the desert, the Second Mizukage's dark undershirt is absent in one panel,[35] this was corrected in the tankōbon version.[34]
  • During the Eight-Tails' flashback to its fight with the Third Raikage, its left horn was drawn as being cut off.[36] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[34]
  • Temari's facial expression while observing Naruto, is changed from relatively neutral and looking up towards the right,[37] to anxious and looking downwards at the bottom left in the tankōbon version.[34]
  • When A appeared alongside the other Kage, he was mistakenly depicted with both of his hands, despite him amputating his left forearm during a previous battle with Sasuke Uchiha.[38] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[39]
  • While confronting , Killer B was mistakenly depicted without a sword that should have been held in his mouth, in one panel.[40] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[39]
  • After Naruto attempted to destroy Rōshi's chakra receiver,[41] various cracks and drips where added to the latter's body in the tankōbon version, to better represent the dispersal of the coating of lava surrounding him.[39]
  • When confronting some of the reincarnated jinchūriki, Kakashi and Might Guy are shown performing Lightning Transmission and Morning Peacock respectively, in a single panel as viewed from above.[42] In the tankōbon, the techniques are instead depicted in separate panels and are observed from different perspectives.[43]
  • When Itachi announced that he was the weakness to Kabuto's Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation,[44] his face was depicted with a much greater level of shading in the tankōbon version.[45]
  • During his confrontation with Itachi and Sasuke, Kabuto was mistakenly depicted without a kunai that should have been in his right hand, in one panel.[46] This was corrected in the tankōbon version.[45]
  • In the manga, when Urushi made his début during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was depicted wearing a Konoha forehead protector.[47] This was later corrected in the tankōbon version.[45]
  • During Obito's flashback in chapter 599, Minato Namikaze's face is engraved on the Hokage Rock. Kishimoto apologised for this error in advance, and in the subsequent tankōbon release, his face was removed altogether.
  • In the manga, when Sasuke reveals[48] and later deactivates[49] his Mangekyō Sharingan, it is his own, regular Mangekyō Sharingan, without Itachi's Mangekyō on top of it. In the tankōbon release, Itachi's Mangekyō is added, resulting in Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.[50]
  • When the Ten-Tails feels the others tailed beasts in Naruto, in the original release, Shukaku's chakra was seen within Naruto, alongside the other tailed beasts.[51] The tanuki was, however, removed in the tankōbon release.[52]
  • In volume 71, the scene where Obito is impaled by Kaguya's technique was completely redrawn from its initial release. In addition, some character reaction shots were also redrawn, as well as Kakashi's brief flashback being removed altogether.
    • When chapter #690 was first published, Madara's body didn't have Hashirama's face on the left side of the chest. In the tankōbon version, it was added.
  • In chapter 696 of volume 72, the picture of Sasuke's Susanoo was changed to a frontal view of the warrior.[53]
    • In chapter 699, in the scene where Sasuke and Naruto dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Sasuke's right forearm is redrawn to correctly show that he had removed his black arm guard during the previous fight.


  • When Tobi reveals his face to Kisame Hoshigaki, the latter identifies him with "Mizukage-sama" (水影様, Mizukage-sama).[54] In the tankōbon version, he instead refers to Tobi using "former Mizukage-sama" (元水影様, Moto-Mizukage-sama).[55]
  • During the meeting with the Fire Daimyō, after Pain's assault on Konoha, in the chapter release the speech bubbles did not indicate who was speaking.[56] In the tankōbon version however, this is corrected.[57]
  • When Kisame used Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks against Guy, the technique's name was pronounced "Suiton: Senjikizame".[58] While the kanji remain the same in the tankōbon version, their pronunciation is changed to "Suiton: Senshokukō".[19]
  • When a reincarnated Deidara destroys a rock clone, he identifies the user of the technique as "Akatsuchi" (赤ツチ).[59] In the tankōbon version however, he attributes it to the "Tsuchikage" (土影, Literally meaning: Earth Shadow) instead.[19]
  • During a meeting of the five Kage, both on a map and in their discussion, the hidden village located between the Lands of Hot Water and Lightning was identified as "Kirigakure" (霧隠れ, Hidden Mist).[60] In the tankōbon version, this was corrected to "Shimogakure" (霜隠れ, Hidden Frost).[21]
  • When the Third Raikage is telling the allied troops about his abilities, he says, "I'm a Lightning Release user! Place your Earth Release users on the front row and attack me incessantly!!" (「ワシ雷遁を使う!土遁の忍を前列に置きワシを攻めたてろ!!」, "Washi Raiton o tsukau! Doton no shinobi o zenretsu ni oki washi o seme tatero!!").[61] In the tankōbon version, this is changed into, "I'm a Lightning Release user! Place your Earth Release users in the front row to create shields, while your Wind Release users attack me incessantly!!" (「ワシ雷遁を使う!土遁の忍を前列に置き盾を作りつつ風遁の忍で攻めたてろ!!」, "Washi Raiton o tsukau! Doton no shinobi o zenretsu ni oki tatsu o tsukuri tsutsu Fūton no shinobi de seme tatero!!").[62]
  • While fighting the allied troops, the Second Mizukage says, "I told you, didn't I? It's that guy who's making the mirages!!" (「あいつが蜃気楼を作ってるって言ったよな!!」, "Aitsu ga shinkirō o tsukutteru tte itta yo na!").[63] In the tankōbon version, this was changed to, "I told you, didn't I? It's this guy who's making the mirages!!" (「こいつが蜃気楼を作ってるって言ったよな!!」, "Koitsu ga shinkirō o tsukutteru tte itta yo na!").[64]
  • The technique Madara used against the Fourth Division was originally called Fire Release: Great Fire Majestic Annihilation (火遁・豪火威却, Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku).[65] In the tankōbon version, this was changed to Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation (火遁・豪火滅却, Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku).[39]
  • The technique Naruto used to counter Madara's Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees was originally called Big Ball Spiralling (大玉螺旋, Ōdama Rasen).[66] In the tankōbon version, this was changed to Big Ball Spiralling Serial Zone Spheres (大玉螺旋帯連丸, Ōdama Rasen Tairengan).[39]
  • While describing the Ten-Tails' power, one of the names Kurama uses to describe it is Daidarabotchi (ダイダラボッチ, Literally meaning: Giant).[67] In the tankōbon version, this was changed to Deidarabotchi (デイダラボッチ, Deidarabocchi), which has the same meaning.[68]


  • Several pages were added during Nagato and Naruto's conversation, as the exchange neared its conclusion.[69]
  • After Nagato's death, as a result of reviving those he had killed, the chapter originally ended with a scene of Taka setting out for Konoha.[70] In the tankōbon release, this was moved to chapter 450 and replaced with a scene where Naruto creates a memorial to Jiraiya.[71] Additional panels and text that didn't occur in the original, where also added to the celebrations in chapter 450, partially as a consequence of this alteration.[72]
  • In the tankōbon version of volume 53, several panels were added and changed. After Naruto seals the Nine-Tails, Kushina grabs his hands to congratulate him, in the original she doesn't.[73]
  • In the original publication, Sasuke ponders his answer in a two-page spread of various moments of his interactions with Itachi through the series, thinking about Itachi's words, and giving his answer in the next page.[74] In the tankōbon release, two extra pages are added before Sasuke makes his decision, with Sasuke being zoomed out of against a black background, Itachi's words being scattered through these two pages instead of the spread of their interactions.[50]
  • In chapter 699 of volume 72, two additional pages were be added, showing Naruto and Sasuke and the seal to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi.[75]
    • In the same chapter, two panels were added to Hinata's awakening from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.[76]
    • An additional word was also added when Naruto came to send Sasuke off. The latter says "I thought that you weren't coming…" in the chapter version[77] and "I thought that you weren't coming to send me off…" in the volume version.[78]


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