"Clash!" (激突!, Gekitotsu!) is episode 123 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Deidara is irritated at the fact that Sasuke killed Orochimaru, claiming that he only able to due so because he was born into the Uchiha clan. Using his sword, Sasuke rushes at Deidara and Tobi; Deidara leaps on a tree branch to evade the attack while Tobi is sliced through, although he is unharmed by the attack. Using his explosive clay to create C1 clay spiders, he attacks Sasuke, who uses his Chidori Senbon to take out the spiders. Deidara then ups the ante by using Explosive Clay Dolls. Sasuke attempts to impale them with his sword, only for the sword to get stuck. Relying on taijutsu for a while, Sasuke applies his Lightning Release to his sword to slice through both clay dolls. However, the bisected dolls begin to reemerge as smaller versions, all of them chasing Sasuke through the forest. As they envelop Sasuke, Deidara detonates them, but Sasuke evades the blow with a Body Replacement Technique.

Deidara decides to use his C2 and moulds his C2 Clay Dragon, regurgitating C2 landmines and taking flight. In an attempt to ground the bird, Sasuke attempts to impale it with his Chidori Sharp Spear, only to be out of range whilst simultaneously revealing its five metre limit to Deidara. Deidara accuses Sasuke of using Kakashi's technique, although he gives credit for the shape transformation Sasuke had applied to it. Tobi, under Deidara's command, places Explosive Landmines all around the ground while the C2 dragon fires clay missiles towards Sasuke, forcing the latter to enter into the second stage of his cursed seal in order to use the wings it grants to fly away from danger.

Noticing that Sasuke's leg seems injured, Deidara fires another projectile missile at Sasuke, who uses his left wing to shield himself from it, albeit losing the wing in the process. Seeing as Sasuke is unable to fly without his wing, Deidara lowers his altitude slightly while Sasuke uses the Manipulated Shuriken Technique to throw two giant shuriken at him, who dodges it. Throwing his sword with precise accuracy to impale the ground, Sasuke uses it as a foothold and then leaps into the air, using the height gained to further the reach of his Chidori Sharp Spear, successfully slicing Deidara's C2 Clay Dragon in two. Pulling the wire threads he had used to manipulate the two shuriken, Sasuke impales both of Deidara's forearms, pinning him to the dragon which then explodes.

Deidara survives the explosion, having created a clay bird, and glares at Sasuke and his Sharingan. He recalls when he was coerced into joining the Akatsuki by Itachi, and how he had developed a hatred for both the Sharingan and Itachi since. Deidara then uses the most powerful clay in his arsenal, the C4, and fashions it into a giant clay version of himself, while musing that his original intention was to use the C4 Karura to kill Itachi.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Sasuke UchihaNoriaki Sugiyama杉山 紀彰Sugiyama NoriakiYuri Lowenthal
DeidaraKatsuhiko Kawamoto川本 克彦Kawamoto KatsuhikoRoger Craig Smith
TobiWataru Takagi高木 渉Takagi WataruMichael Yurchak
Itachi UchihaHideo Ishikawa石川 英郎Ishikawa HideoCrispin Freeman
Kisame HoshigakiTomoyuki Dan檀 臣幸Dan TomoyukiKirk Thornton
Sasori (Hiruko)Yutaka Aoyama青山 穣Aoyama YutakaJB Blanc
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