Code has the unique ability to mix chakra with the iron from his blood to create black bands that serve as portals to travel to previously marked locations.


Code travelling through a marking.

By making contact with or — from a distance — swiping towards a desired location, Code can manifest variously sized portals to any surface.[1][2] Once applied, Code is able to freely travel to any of them, regardless of distance — even if they're in a different dimension.[3] While it only allows him to move through them, he can take one other person with him at a time.[4] Despite this, Amado doesn't consider this ability to be space–time ninjutsu.[5] While mostly used in battle or for transportation, Code also employs them as a means of communication, putting his mouth or ear through them to contact Ada.[6]

Although primarily chakra-based, they also contain iron from Code's blood which when mixed together causes them to become physical matter making absorption from Kāma impossible.[7]

Removal of Claw Marks may be difficult, as Shikamaru Nara had to request Kawaki to use Sukunahikona to shrink them to unusable sizes.[8]


Claw Marks are one size fits all; if they are shrunk to a certain size, Code will not be able to move between them, being forced to create new ones.[9]

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