This is the article on the actual ninjutsu. For the classification of this ninjutsu, head to Clone Techniques.

This is a basic technique that every shinobi can use. In fact, Konohagakure's Ninja Academy prevents students from graduating unless they master this technique, for which reason Naruto Uzumaki failed three years in a row. For this technique, users create one or more afterimages of themselves to move alongside them. Unlike most other clone techniques, these afterimages have no substance and thus are incapable of damaging opponents. Because of this, it is only useful for confusing enemies while other attacks are prepared.[1] Opponents can identify clones from their original through careful observation, as clones won't crush grass, kick up dust, etc.[citation needed]


  • When Sakura performs this technique, the hand seals she uses are: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog.[3]


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