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コード Kōdo
Manga Boruto Chapter #15
Anime Boruto Episode #157
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  • Inner
  • Leader of Kara
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Code (コード, Kōdo) is the last remaining Inner of the organisation Kara and its current leader after the death of its previous commander Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Carrying Isshiki's legacy within him, he inherited the Ōtsutsuki Clan's will to become a Celestial Being and continually evolve to reach godhood with the power of the White Kāma bestowed to him by his master.


Code during Jigen's Experiment

Code being subjected to Jigen's experiment.

At the time Kawaki was brought to Kara, Code was one of fifteen candidates selected to participate in Jigen and Amado Sanzu's Ōtsutsuki ritual to screen for a Kāma vessel for Isshiki. Only Kawaki survived to become an actual vessel. Code, on the other hand, displayed shaking and spasms such as the unsuccessful and deceased candidates, but managed to survive upon which his branded mark became a White Kāma.[1]

Young Code strangles Young Kawaki

Code strangles Kawaki for being Isshiki's vessel instead of him.

Sometime after the Ōtsutsuki ritual and already deeply loyal to Isshiki, Code was so jealous to see only Kawaki proved viable as Isshiki's next vessel that he came to openly hate Kawaki and even made it clear that if Kawaki weren't the vessel, Code would kill him with his own hands. Meanwhile, with the astounding reaction that took place in Code's body borne of the Kāma implant and mutation, Code's combat abilities came to exceed Jigen's. While anyone in Kara who became stronger than Jigen through modifications would normally be disposed of to avoid undermining his position of leader, Code was exempted due to his unwavering loyalty, leading Amado to instead install limiters in Code's body that only the scientist could deactivate.[2]


Code appears to have a mocking and arrogant demeanour, as he grinned when Jigen put Victor in place and mocked Delta for being weaker than him, being confident that either he or Boro could handle Naruto and thus assured one of them would be sent in to deal with the Hokage and retrieve Kawaki. In the anime, he laments at Koji killing Victor, wishing he could have done it. He is a very vindictive person by nature, openly noting the people he wishes to kill. Code is shown to be fanatically devoted to Isshiki. He was noted to be Isshiki's most loyal subordinate, and openly revered him, along with the entire Ōtsutsuki Clan, as gods. This respect extends to other Kāma bearing vessels, with the exception of Kawaki. Unlike the followers of the Ōtsutsuki Cult, he is fully aware of their nature as they destroy planets for their own personal gain, yet still reveres them. Likewise, he cares not what happens to him or how he is viewed so long as the Ōtsutsuki Will is carried out. Such is his admiration for the clan that he wanted to become a vessel, knowing that it meant his own being would have been sacrificed, and upset to learn he was incompatible for such. Code was shown to be bitter over Kawaki's antagonism about being chosen as a vessel for Isshiki, lamenting over his own failed Kāma. Even more, he came to view Kawaki as the source of all his failings and losses.

Even more, despite the White Kāma granting him strength beyond Jigen's, he remained obedient and willingly accepted limiters being implanted in his body. Learning of Isshiki's demise greatly angered him, and he swore not only to avenge him, but to obey his final decree to become an Ōtsutsuki himself to continue the clan's legacy. He was also very perceptive, having figured out that Boro disobeyed Jigen's orders to dispose some of Amado's cyborgs and instead stored them inside his base for future use. Despite his loyalty, Code can be lazy as he fell asleep while guarding the Ten-Tails.

While acting independently, Code is shown to be a very cautious and methodical man. Knowing how risky it would be to face Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in his diminished state, he instead opted to recruit help from Ada, patiently moving forward to achieve his goals. He is also strategically adept, having placed his Claw Marks at various spots around every one of the five great villages to keep them riled up, knowing they have to spread out their forces to guard these locations despite knowing they may be decoys. Since inheriting Isshiki's will, Code has become determined to continue the Ōtsutsuki's goal of cultivating the God Tree and siphon all the life energy on Earth to produce a Chakra Fruit and evolve.


Code is a young, lanky adult with large green (initially purple in the anime) eyes and disheveled curly auburn hair. He possesses a Claw Mark that is shaped like a black band (initially grey in the anime) similar to a studded belt covering part of his scalp and face, crossing from above his right eye to below his left eye, partially hiding the facial scars. He also has two Claw Marks on both arms under his sleeves, though they are rarely visible. He has the Roman numeral "Ⅵ" tattooed under his right eye.

His overall attire appears to have a Victorian nature. He wears a silver triangular earring on his right ear (initially purple in the anime) and a spike-shaped earring on his left ear. Resembling the number under his right eye. He wears a black Kara cloak with lavender lining over a long-sleeved black shirt with a black (left), lavender (right), and white (from behind) waistcoat and white cravat, and black pants. The right half of his waistcoat and the ends of both pants and sleeves have a lined lavender section, and in the manga he has a silver pocket watch chain attached to his waistcoat. As a failed vessel, Code bears a White Kāma on his left palm, taking on the appearance of a white diamond shaped seal.

As a child, Code didn't have his band and wore a black jumpsuit with a high collar; in the anime, he wore a grey hoodie with a white shirt underneath and dark pants, and was also barefooted.

After having his limiters removed, Code's hair and eyelashes turned white and swept upwards, his fingernails became dark, and his eyes turned red and gained pupils and a limbal ring.[3] Soon after he donned new attire consisting of a dark evening cloak with a high collar and chain clasp worn over a dark double-breasted waistcoat, poet shirt, and cravat, studded dark bracers with lined wrist cuffs, a studded belt, dark pants, and dark boots with a lined backstay.[4]

During the three year period where Boruto left Konoha, Code's left eye was slashed by Sasuke, leaving him with a vertical scar and his eye closed.[5] His attire became more Dracula-like. He wears a puffy, long-sleeved white shirt with black forearms and frilly cuffs. Over it is a black vest and a white ascot and black pants. His cloak becomes a long cape with high, open collars.


Being an Inner of Kara, Code is regarded as completely monstrous in terms of power.[6] While the true extent of his power is unknown, Amado has noted that his peak combat abilities far exceed Jigen's, making him the strongest member of Kara next to the resurrected Isshiki. Even with his limiters in place, he is apparently still among the stronger Inners, being considered stronger than Delta, Boro,[7] and possibly a match for Koji Kashin.[8]

Amado also believes that void of the Nine-Tails, Code's suppressed might could possibly defeat the Seventh Hokage in one on one combat.[9] He was also trusted to guard the valuable Ten-Tails. He can also use the Yin Release to perform the Genjutsu Communication.[10] Even with his limiters in place, he has shown advanced hand-to-hand combat prowess, able to easily dodge and counter Kawaki's attacks.

Body Modifications[]

Code's Modifications

Code using his shinobi-ware.

Having had his body thoroughly modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado,[11] Code is able to weaponize portions of his body. Similar to Kawaki and Delta, he is capable of transforming his fingers into razor sharp talons which can effortlessly slice through flesh. Being infused with the DNA from the remains of Shibai Ōtsutsuki granted Code the unique ability mix his chakra and blood to create and spread numerous black bands like the one covering his face and arms. These bands will adhere to anything they come in contact with and act as a personal portal he can pass through, either partially or completely, allowing him to strike from any location the bands touch.

Unlike the other Inners of Kara whose combat abilities were enhanced by Amado, Code was given additional modifications as limiters to restrain the tremendous power he gained from the White Kāma to prevent Jigen's leadership from being undermined. Even with his limiters in place, he is strong enough to lift a man twice his size with a single hand, carrying him as a shield. These limiters have since been disabled by Amado.


Code's White Kāma

Code's White Kāma.

As a failed vessel of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki that survived the procedure, Code bears a White Kāma which grants him access to his master's "pure power". Though the extent of its abilities remains unknown, according to Amado, the way his body responded to the White Kāma gave him abnormally great power, exceeding even Jigen's. However, it is unable to absorb jutsu.[12] As noted by Isshiki, in time it will allow him to transform into a complete, perfect Ōtsutsuki and carry out the clan's will of devouring worlds and evolving in order to attain godhood. When activated, it spreads grey (light blue in the anime) markings along the left side of its body forming a pattern that almost mirrors Jigen's, extending to the left eye.

New Era: Part I[]

At some point after the Chūnin Exams, Code looked into Naruto Uzumaki to determine whether or not Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki had marked him with his Kāma before being killed, but found no evidence of the mark on his body.

Kara Actuation Arc[]

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc In the anime, Code was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Inners, informing them of the destruction of one their facilities in Amegakure set by an Outer.

Ao Arc[]

Main article: Ao Arc

Code blames Victor

Code expresses suspicion about Victor.

Code attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation relating to the missing "vessel". As Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he voiced that they must recover the vessel at all costs. In the anime, he was called by Amado alongside the other Inners to have their bodies checked to detect anything suspicious regarding the traitor under the pretense of just being a maintenance; Amado also confirmed Victor's death, surprising Code. During which, Code found it interesting that Victor swore his efforts were sabotaged. He wondered if someone within Kara was after the Vessel now that it is in Phase 3. He also grew suspicious when Boro already knew about Victor's execution.

Later, Code silently eavesdropped on Jigen and Amado's conversation when the former confirmed nothing unusual was detected within them. Later, Code ambushed Jigen, who easily repelled his attacks. Code requested to deal with the traitor, which Jigen ignored, and reminded him of his assigned mission, much to Code's dismay. Afterwards, Delta taunted Code about Koji Kashin being on Jigen's good side, as well as Code's own need to impress him.

Kara Discussion

Code discussing a traitor with Amado and Delta.

Growing impatient, Code decided to uncover the traitor himself, starting his interrogation with Delta since her number was "I". As he accused her, Delta countered that Code seemed the most pleased at the vessel's disappearance. Code was furious and primed to attack, only for Amado to arrive to calm things down. He revealed that the system check on everyone revealed no signs of treachery. Amado insisted that Code not act hasty or he could risk angering Jigen. However, as Boro and Koji had declined to go through it, Code was now suspicious of them. Later, elsewhere in the hideout, Code vented his frustrations with Koji.

Kawaki Arc[]

Main article: Kawaki Arc In the anime, Code watched Delta pass by after she received permission to check on the mission's progress herself from Jigen, commenting how simple-minded Delta was. Later, growing impatient at Jigen's sudden disappearance, he approached Amado about it. He said that Jigen was undergoing recuperation following his recent maintenance. Seeing Amado still looking into any potential traitors, Code theorised that Jigen's more lax approach in handling all Inners' movements meant he already knew who the traitor was. Amado asked Code to get Boro to come in for his maintenance check. While Code stubbornly said he wasn't allowed to leave the base without Jigen's permission, Amado assured him he would vouch for Code's actions, insisting that it would be of good aid to Jigen. On that note, Code left. He soon found Boro with his cult, having deceived more people into joining it. He delivered Amado's maintenance request. Though he initially refused, Code threatened to use force, prompting Boro to come.

Discussing Boruto's Kāma

Kara learns of Boruto's Kāma.

After Delta was defeated by Naruto, Code was present when she debriefed Jigen on her failed mission. He told her that she was too weak to face Naruto, and thus the task would fall to either himself or Boro. He was also surprised to learn that Momoshiki had left behind a Kāma after all, wondering if it was placed on Sasuke Uchiha before Delta revealed that Boruto Uzumaki was the one who received the mark. In the anime, he learned from Amado's scanning of Boro that he was also not the traitor. Later in the anime, Code was amazed to learn that the combined effort of Naruto and Sasuke was able to force Jigen to fight seriously, overtaxing his body. As Jigen began his recovery under Amado's care, Jigen noted that the battle proved beneficial to Kara, as the only two threats to them were incapacitated and Kawaki's Kāma was showing great maturing. Jigen assigned Code to watch over the Ten-Tails.

Later, in the anime, while Jigen was recovering after the battle against Naruto and Sasuke, Code was still with the Ten-Tails. He reported to Jigen, who informed him that there has been no contact from Boro in a while, and was instructed to keep a close watch, as Konohagakure had learned of the location. When Delta reported that Boro had been killed, Code offered to handle the matter, but Jigen had him remain guarding the Ten-Tails.

Code & Isshiki

Isshiki talks with Code.

Following the death of Isshiki at the hands of Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki, Isshiki's soul migrated to Code and emerged from his White Kāma to deliver one final message. Isshiki commanded Code to utilise his Kāma to transform into a complete Ōtsutsuki by sacrificing either Boruto or Kawaki to Ten-Tails and eating the resulting Chakra Fruit, and to carry on the Ōtsutsuki Will, devouring worlds and continuing to evolve until achieving godhood. Code agreed but first asked Isshiki to name those responsible for his death, so that he might avenge him. After listening, Code kept saying the names of those responsible for Isshiki's death while activating his Kāma.

Code's Assault Arc[]

Main article: Code's Assault Arc

Code breaks Ada free

Code frees Ada.

Unwilling to risk facing Naruto or Sasuke with his power limiters in place, Code ventured to Boro's hidden facility, killing eight of Boro's cultists for getting in his way. He had Bug take him to Ada, an Outer he suspected Boro didn't dispose of as ordered by Jigen. Without concern for Bug's warnings, he smashed open her pod. She was indifferent to him, but Code was unable to kill her despite her provocation. While she freshened up, Bug explained her ability that makes most people become infatuated with her. Ada also explained how her clairvoyance worked, aware of Isshiki's demise and having intuited Code's goals. She revealed the requirements for removing his power limiters, which would require Amado's participation. As she was interested in having either Boruto or Kawaki becoming her boyfriend without being compelled, she agreed to help Code with his goals, willing to have one of them sacrificed to nurture a God Tree and provide Code with intel to keep him ahead of his enemies.

Ada began revealing all the current events of Code's enemies through her Senrigan. Code was surprised to hear that for all her modifications, Ada could only use basic taijutsu. He noted that despite her interest in making Boruto or Kawaki her mate, there was still a chance they might try to kill her, since they were unaffected by her powers. Ada suggested they have Bug awaken her brother Daemon. Immediately, the boy showed his protectiveness to her. Several guards of the hideout came to destroy them per their previous directives. Code was amazed at Daemon's ability to instantly reflect any attacks back onto the foes, swiftly killing the guards. Later, Daemon quickly began annoying Code, as he constantly forced himself on Code for rides. As Daemon turned his attention to Bug, who was trying to escape, Code suddenly struck at the boy with his Claw Marks, which were instantly reflected back on Code. Code explained that he wanted to better understand how Daemon's power works, explaining that his marks let him teleport to wherever they are. As Daemon found the power cool, Code asked how his power worked. While wanting to tell Code, Daemon was forbidden by his sister, citing that she still did not trust Code completely. Code was concerned that maybe Ada had other abilities she had yet to reveal.

Code explains his goal

Code explaining his goal and motivation to Kawaki.

Later, as Ada continued to monitor events, she alerted Kawaki that Code that the boy was alone and on the outskirts of the village. Code decided to take advantage of this moment and teleported to the area. She continued to guide his movements until he met Kawaki. Kawaki offered to let Code kill him to avenge Isshiki if he would leave Konoha alone. Code found the proposition ridiculous and instead pummelled him into submission, still determined to personally kill everyone involved in Isshiki's demise. He revealed his intent on continuing Isshiki's plans. He also explained that Kawaki was no longer a target of his revenge because someone else wanted to meet him. He began taking Kawaki back with him, but was interrupted by Boruto.

Code Abducting Kawaki

Code attempting to abduct Kawaki.

Code watched as Boruto and Kawaki argued. He was amused at Kawaki thinking he could protect the Hokage. Kawaki asked him to take to whoever convinced Code to exclude him from his revenge plans. Despite Kawaki being willing to go with him, Boruto refused to let it happen. Code introduced himself to Boruto, revering him as Momoshiki's vessel, but still determined to sacrifice him to cultivate a God Tree. Boruto activated his Kāma and the two began fighting. Code had no trouble avoiding Boruto's attacks with his Claw Marks, and activating his own Kāma, he explained the reason the main reason it makes one so powerful is the access it grants to the accumulated battle experience of the Ōtsutsuki who created it. He continued attacking, wishing to see Momoshiki's power. His interest was piqued when Boruto drew more into the Kāma's power. He was surprised to see that Boruto could draw so much power despite only being a vessel, and that he remained in control of his body. Code consulted Ada, who attributed it to Amado's drugs, and warned him not to lose before recovering his true strength. He considered Boruto a fine sacrifice to cultivate a God Tree, and attempted to retreat, taking Kawaki to Ada. Kawaki resisted it and broke free with Boruto's help. He decided to get serious with Boruto, who suddenly collapsed.

Code vs Boruto

Code fighting Boruto.

Momoshiki's spirit regained control of Boruto's body, and began attacking Code, wanting to kill him and get his Ten-Tails. Code found it an honour to meet Momoshiki, but Ada insisted he retreat. He attempted to use Kawaki as a hostage, as Momoshiki also needed him as a sacrifice, but Momoshiki shot a Rasengan at him, separating the two. He mocked Code's inability to absorb jutsu. Naruto and Shikamaru arrived to save Kawaki. In the chaos, Code took Shikamaru hostage, and Momoshiki decided help him in killing Naruto, who was also a problem to him. Code was surprised to see Kawaki absorbing Momoshiki's Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan with a Kāma to protect Naruto. Ada speculated Amado reapplied the Kāma when he restored Kawaki's right arm. Shikamaru listened to his replies, confirming that Code had an ally somewhere. He continued watching Kawaki and Momoshiki fighting, until Naruto had to interfere to stop Kawaki from killing Boruto. Despite his earlier threat, he saw no more use in killing Shikamaru. Code watched as Boruto reemerged and allowed Kawaki to strike him through the chest.

Code battles Kawaki

Code battles against Kawaki.

Code thought on his options, Ada warning she wouldn't let him sacrifice Kawaki. He released Shikamaru and prepared to leave, telling Kawaki someone would always manipulate him. Kawaki shrank Code's Claw Marks as he created, stopping him from leaving, pointing out the lengths he went to eliminate threats to Naruto. He told Code his ally was also a target for him as an enemy to Naruto, and prepared to kill him. Code pulled Daemon through the Claw Mark on his face, reflecting Kawaki's attack and knocking him out before sending Daemon back. Mindful of Ada, he confirmed that Kawaki was still alive, and acknowledging the difference between them, decided to have Amado remove his power limiters before leaving. Back with Ada, she pointed out Amado was protected in the middle of Konoha, where he had no Claw Marks to infiltrate, but he assured he had already taken measures about it.

Omnipotence Arc[]

Main article: Omnipotence Arc Code took it as good fortune when Ada informed him of Boruto's resurrection through Momoshiki's Kāma. However, she was displeased with his unauthorised use of Daemon in battle, and reminding him of the terms of their agreement, threatened that she and Daemon would kill him after lifting his power limiters if he became a hindrance to them. Code kept listening to Shikamaru through a Claw Mark left on his nape, and emerged when he was alone with Amado. He surprised Amado by knowing the necessary steps to lift his limiters, but Shikamaru had engineered the moment, aware of the Claw Mark on him, and activated a reprogrammed Delta, which restrained him. Code pulled Ada through a Claw Mark into the lab.

Code's Limiters Removed

Code has his limiters removed.

As Ada's ability affected everyone in the room, she commanded Delta to release Code. Shikamaru extended his Shadow Imitation Technique to her, but was unable to resist for long, ultimately releasing his hold on both Code and Ada. Soon, Code began torturing Amado to remove his power limiters and was shocked when Shikamaru offered Ada the option to join Konoha instead of helping Code to get closer to Kawaki. Code was furious that Ada seriously considered the offer, and continued to torture Amado, blaming his stalling for the turn of events. Ada wanted them to retreat as Kawaki was approaching, so Code took Amado with them, telling Shikamaru he had been added to his revenge list. Back at their base, Amado begged to be spared, and agreed to remove Code's power limiters.

Code still decided to kill him, but Amado appealed to Ada's interest in Kawaki. He reasoned that Shikamaru's offer meant that Code became a hindrance to her developing a relationship with Kawaki. Code got angry, unwilling to spare Amado in addition of Kawaki, but Ada signalled Daemon to stop him. Ada ended her partnership with Code, feeling she had repaid him for releasing her by helping restore his full powers. Code, believing his feelings for Ada were genuine, decided to prove himself stronger than Daemon and defeat him. Despite Bug revealing the secret behind Daemon's reflection power, he overwhelmed Code. As Code decided to retreat, Ada warned him she would kill him if it became warranted. Code said he'd return after eating a chakra fruit and becoming a proper Ōtsutsuki to see if he truly loved her or wanted her dead. He left taking Bug with him. He blamed Ada leaving him on Kawaki, and considering him to be the one always taking things from him, vowed to kill Kawaki, and wreck all he held dear.

He took Bug to the Ten-Tails' pen, and after musing on this situation, covered the Ten-Tails in Claw Marks to use some of its body to create Claw Grime to act on his orders. He created over a thousand of them, storing some, wishing to use them in a surprise attack on Konoha, but lamenting that Ada's presence there would negate any surprise. Later, when Ada swapped everyone's memories of Boruto and Kawaki back on Earth, the shinjutsu even reached the dimension that Code resided in, who vowed he will kill Boruto for taking everything he held dear to him.

New Era: Part II[]

A year after Boruto left Konoha, Code found Boruto and Sasuke. With his Claw Grimes, he was able to pressure them, prompting Sasuke to sacrifice himself and be consumed by a Claw Grime so Boruto could escape, slashing Code's left eye in his efforts.[13]

Boruto's Return Arc[]

Main article: Boruto's Return Arc Three years after fighting Boruto and Kawaki, Code decided to attack Konoha with his Claw Grime in an effort to smoke out Boruto, knowing he still cared about his former friends. His plan worked as Boruto suddenly arrived, landing on Code's face. Boruto dodged Code's attack and mocked his disgusting attitude. Code regretted not attacking the village sooner, and was incredulous when Boruto threatened him to withdraw the grimes, recalling how Boruto fled him two years prior. Code began to consider Boruto wasn't bluffing when he effortlessly cut through six grimes surrounding him. Boruto told him that his messing with the Ten-Tails in the creation of the grimes would endanger everyone. Code dismissed the warning, as his goal of consuming a chakra fruit would result in the death of the planet anyway. He observed as Boruto prepared to fight him, mistakenly believing new Rasengan: "Uzuhiko" was just a normal Rasengan.

Code was unable to land any attacks on Boruto, who explained the nature of his new jutsu, offering to rescind its debilitating effects if Code revealed the Ten-Tails' location. They were interrupted by Kawaki, who wanted to kill Boruto. Kawaki initially prevented Code's escape, but Code slipped away on a newly emerged Claw Grime. A hidden toad Boruto snuck on him reported Code returned to the pen, so Boruto teleported there. Code was shocked, and the Ten-Tails vanished before Boruto could check on it. This concerned Code, as they were approached by a handful of mutated Claw Grime. Boruto explained the situation, and removed the Uzuhiko effects on Code, asking for his assistance in defeating them. The Claw Grime explained how they gained sentience and mocked Code for his carelessness. Satisfied that this would still lead to his desired outcome, Code left.


Code First Appearance

Code's initial appearance.

  • Code is a system of rules to convert information, such as a letter, word, sound, image, or gesture.
  • In chapter 15, Code's unique hair, facial features, and tattoo were not yet defined, though his clothing was. When the chapter was adapted for the anime, Code debuted with his updated design.
  • Before chapter 55 had been published, due to the little focus he had in the manga prior, the anime expanded on Code, revealing his undying loyalty to Jigen and hinting at his jealousy of Kawaki for being a successful vessel for Isshiki.


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