This is an arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It covers chapters 56 to present in the manga. It is preceded by the Kawaki Arc in the manga.


Code: The Last Inner

While Boruto is interviewed in Konohagakure for his role in saving the village from Isshiki, Amado performs maintenance on Kawaki's restored arm, during which Katasuke explains why Sumire is assisting. As she talks about Boruto, Kawaki embarrasses her by asking if she likes the genin. Elsewhere, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Team 10 discuss the restrictions placed on Boruto and his team. Being joined on top of the Hokage Rock by Kawaki, he hypothesises to Boruto that he can make his own Kāma vessel by branding someone else in order to resurrect himself in the event Momoshiki resurrects in his. Objecting to the idea, Kawaki suggests Code. Amado informs Naruto about Code being the last active Inner, who also guarded Kara's Ten-Tails, ultimately deciding to eliminate him.

Ada in stasis.

Meanwhile, Code infiltrates Boro's cult and promptly dispatches the guards. Code then meets with Bug, a subordinate of Boro's organisation, and questions him on the whereabouts of Amado's discarded cyborgs. Code wonders why Boro didn't dispose of Ada, and explains to Bug why he didn't report the cult leader to Jigen. As Bug questions Code if he knows about her abilities, he states he knows Ada's supposed ability to know everything in the world. Code forcefully opens Ada's container with his Shinobi-Ware, confident he can just kill the cyborg if she defies him.

The Hokage and Shikamaru conference with the other Kage to discuss Code, as well as their recent attempts to reach Kara's base through the Space-Time Gates Amado informed them about. Because they have become unusable, they're to assume Code has become aware of Amado's betrayal. Shikamaru explains Code's goal of avenging Isshiki and cultivating a God Tree from a Ten-Tails. Darui expresses his trust of Konohagakure, as well as his concerns with trusting Amado, to which Naruto confesses to not fully trusting him. Gaara questions about the possibility of Boruto becoming a threat like Isshiki. Naruto claims to be ready to do what he needs as Hokage. He talks to Amado about Boruto's situation, who reveals that he used to have a daughter who died for 12 years prior. Amado offers Naruto a drug he developed to weaken the Byakugan, a byproduct of his efforts to take Jigen down. He believes weakening the Byakugan might halt Boruto's transformation. Amado stresses the potential dangers of using it, though the decision to use it ultimately belongs to Boruto.

Ada's Awakening

Ada wakes up and ignores Code when he greets her, prompting him to threaten to cut her throat. Ada remained unconcerned and told Code to try as the latter is incapable of performing the act. As Ada is worried about her bad breath, she has the two wait at the compound's bar while she brushes her teeth. While she does so, Bug explains to Code that she has stolen his heart. Ada explains that being able to see everything everywhere is boring, like Isshiki dying. Upon Code's request, Ada explains how her clairvoyance works. She did infer he would come to her to learn how to release the limiters on his body. Informing Code that he needs an iris scan and a voice-print command from Amado to remove the limiters. She surmises that's why the scientist went to a shinobi village.

She asks Code if he likes her, and he confesses he does, and asks if the authentic-felling emotions he has are a result of her ability. She reveals everyone becomes captivated by her through her ability. She then expresses her hatred of Amado because he robbed her of natural love. Code realises that Boro didn't dispose of her because he was captivated by her, and asks how Jigen was able to order her disposal. Ada explains there are two types of hearts she can't steal: blood relatives, and Celestial Beings. She asks about Kawaki, and Code explains he's incomplete. Ada explains Isshiki died because of Kawaki's ploy. Code realises Kawaki would be able to have a normal romance with Ada, who would be unaffected by her ability, as would Boruto. She asks about his plan to cultivate a God Tree, and one of them would be enough for her.


# English title WSJ release date Volume number
56 "Code " May 2021 15
57 "Ada " June 2021 15
58 "The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards" July 2021 15
59 "Knight" August 2021 15
60 "Place to Belong" September 2021 16
61 "Madness" October 2021 16
62 "Run-in" November 2021 16
63 "Ask No Questions" December 2021 16
64 "Control" January 2022 17
65 "Kāma Power" February 2022 17
66 "Do or Die" March 2022 17
67 "Rift " April 2022 17
68 "Scar" May 2022
69 "Captives" June 2022