"Confrontation!!" (対峙!!, Taiji!!, Viz: Face to Face!!) is chapter 30 of the Boruto manga.


Himawari watches as Kawaki struggles to repair her flower vase. Kawaki considers it a waste of time, and Himawari tells him that going out to buy a new vase was enough for her. Boruto listens to them. Through his toad, Koji watches Kawaki, and determines that while Kawaki is under the Hokage's watch, he can't interfere carelessly, but he doesn't really want to, preferring to see how things unfold between Kawaki and Boruto. Losing her patience, Delta deploys a drone from her back to look for Kawaki, something that doesn't have chakra, so the Yamanaka clan can't sense it. Boruto approaches Kawaki, and offers to help him research their Kāma, though they still exchange insults. Under Naruto's supervision, Boruto and Kawaki both activate their Kāma to fight, while Himawari cheers them both. They fight, and Naruto explains to Himawari about Kawaki's scientific ninja tool body. Satisfied with Kāma's effects on Boruto's physical performance, Kawaki wants to test his absorption capabilities, and fires at him. Boruto dodges the first strike, but is forced to try absorbing the second, and injures his hand in the process. The two continue arguing while watched by Koji through his toad. Naruto says that if they're over, they should end the session with the Seal of Reconciliation. When they do it, they both experience pain in the hand they have Kāma, and Boruto has a vision of Momoshiki. Koji observes that Boruto's hand heals. Naruto asks him about what happened, and he explains the Kāma occasionally just hurts. Koji ponders if Boruto's healing was due to his Kāma or something unique to him, and considers the possibility of sharing Jigen's ability worrisome. Delta's drone finds them, and she decides to go after Kawaki herself even if she's detected. She flies through the village with jets in her legs. Ino senses Delta, and after confirming it with the Barrier Team, alerts Naruto, who instructs her to not mobilise the military police, and that he'll deal with the intruder himself. Koji sees Delta flying through the village disapprovingly. Naruto tells Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari someone is coming their way, probably someone who's after Kawaki, and tells Boruto to take his sister away. Delta arrives before they can leave, and wonders how Kawaki should be punished this time.

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