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"Congratulations" (おめでとう, Omedetō) is chapter 691 of the original Naruto manga.


Team 7 is congratulated by Hagoromo while the first Kage take the time to marvel on the state of the world. The Sage commends Kakashi for leading the team in sealing away Kaguya though he denies his role, giving credit to his students, but Hagoromo still applauds his role as a mentor, and as a friend to Obito. Within Kakashi's mind, Obito's soul returns to the Pure Land to be with Rin, two men part ways once more and the Sharingan fades from Kakashi's eyes. Sensing some life left in Madara, Sasuke starts towards him but is stopped by Hagoromo who tells him that the Uchiha was not long for this world, as the tailed beasts had been extracted from him, allowing Hashirama to make his way to his old friend once more. The two discuss their individual dreams and ideologies, with Madara stating that his died out while Hashirama's lives on; Hashirama counters by saying that seeing their own dreams fulfilled is less important than creating a successful next generation. He offers Madara a chance to be comrades once more, but Madara dies before being able to finish his response. The Sage of Six Paths begins releasing all of the Kage back to the Pure Land, so Naruto rushes off to have a last conversation with his father. Minato wishes his son a happy seventeenth birthday, and Naruto asks his father to tell Kushina that he is doing his best to follow the teachings she left him. As his reincarnated body crumbles, Minato promises to pass the message on.


  • In the original publication of this chapter, the replica of Hashirama's face on Madara's chest was missing. This was corrected in the tankōbon version.

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