"Connected Feelings" (つながる想い, Tsunagaru Omoi) is episode 22 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Naruto is unable to sense Sakura or their enemies, concluding they're either too far away or hidden inside a barrier. Sakura offers Shin to treat his injured child, but Shin reveals they're all clones cultivated from his teeth and nervous tissue, revealing himself as a former follower of Orochimaru. Shin controls his weapons and opens up the injured clone, killing him. Naruto considers the possibility of Shin being involved with Orochimaru, recalling his conversation with Kakashi. Sasuke agrees, remarking Shin's Sharingan-embedded arm as Orochimaru's work. However, Naruto is sceptical Shin took Sakura to Orochimaru, as he is under surveillance by Konoha shinobi. Sasuke nonetheless thinks they should meet Orochimaru to learn more about Shin. Sarada is disheartened by Sasuke's lack of concern about Sakura, and he tells her that if she intends to be a shinobi, she shouldn't let personal feelings affect her missions. Chōchō tries to lighten the mood by offering them chips. Naruto suggests they take the children with them, as Shin also went after Sarada, and whispers to her she might meet the people from the photo with Orochimaru. Shin tells Sakura about his approach to life, death and evolution, denouncing peace as something that keeps shinobi from growing stronger and developing new ninjutsu. Shin credits Akatsuki for creating conflict that made shinobi stronger. Shin finishes transplanting organs from his deceased clone to himself. Naruto greets Yamato outside Orochimaru's hideout. Sasuke leads them inside, where they come across Jūgo and Suigetsu, who Sarada recognises from the photo. Orochimaru joins them. Sasuke asks about his relation to Shin. Orochimaru takes them to another room, and talks about Shin's background as a former test subject and his goals. Sarada pulls Suigetsu aside and asks him about the woman in the photo. She has him run a DNA test, using an umbilical cord from Karin's belongings. The test is a match. Naruto overhears them, and chastises Suigetsu for messing things up. He tries calming Sarada, but she snaps when he mentions rescuing Sakura, denouncing any ties with her. He notices her Sharingan and hands her a mirror, so she sees it herself. Sarada claims he doesn't understand her situation, causing him to remember his own bonds. Naruto asks her if she has any feelings for Sakura, and she realises she does want to rescue her. They join the others outside. Orochimaru brings up the possibility Sakura is dead, but Sasuke tells him his wife isn't weak. Shin tells Sakura that Sasuke doesn't deserve to carry on the Uchiha name, and intends to kill him and take his Sharingan. Sasuke takes Naruto, Sarada, and Chōchō on his Susanoo, having learned of Shin's location from Orochimaru.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Sarada UchihaKokoro Kikuchi菊池 こころKikuchi KokoroCherami Leigh
Chōchō AkimichiRyoko Shiraishi白石 涼子Shiraishi RyōkoColleen O'Shaughnessey
Naruto UzumakiJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi JunkoMaile Flanagan
Sasuke UchihaNoriaki Sugiyama杉山 紀彰Sugiyama NoriakiYuri Lowenthal
Sakura UchihaChie Nakamura中村 千絵Nakamura ChieKate Higgins
Shin UchihaNobuyuki Hiyama檜山 修之Hiyama NobuyukiMick Wingert
Shin Uchiha (boys)Misuzu Togashi富樫 美鈴Togashi MisuzuAlex Cazares
YamatoRikiya Koyama小山 力也Koyama RikiyaMatthew Mercer
OrochimaruKujiraくじらKujiraSteve Blum
SuigetsuTakashi Kondo近藤 隆Kondō TakashiGrant George
JūgoShuhei Sakaguchi阪口 周平Sakaguchi ShūheiKyle Hebert
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