"Crisis: The Threat of Failing!" (留年の危機, Daburi no Kiki) is episode 16 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


At the Academy, Denki fails at an exercise for walking on vertical surfaces. His friends offer him advice. Denki is distressed as this is the first time he hasn't been able to pass a test, and fears repeating the Academy like Iwabee, leading to awkwardness when Iwabee hears him. Denki keeps trying to climb the wall later, and is approached by Metal, who offers to help him train. Metal takes him rock climbing. Denki loses his footing, but Rock Lee catches him when he falls. Iwabee struggles with arithmetic, despite having help from Boruto. Inojin and Shikadai conclude Denki would be a better teacher, but find it unlikely Iwabee would consider learning from him after his earlier comment. Denki spends the day failing at climbing with Metal and Rock Lee. Iwabee receives a low test score, and notices Denki still trying to climb the wall. Iwabee offers him advice on how to climb the wall, and Denki improves. Later, Denki asks why Iwabee helped him, despite his earlier comment. Iwabee lost all his friends when they graduated without him, and he doesn't wish that on others. Denki offers to tutor him, but Iwabee claims to be studying as well. Denki sees his low test score, and Iwabee confesses he doesn't want Denki to tutor him if it will interfere with Denki's own training. Denki reveals that meeting Boruto has changed his opinion on ninjutsu, now wanting be a shinobi just like them, and with Iwabee as well. The two decide to help each other out. When Iwabee struggles with studying, Denki decides to have him study while infusing chakra to stick to the ceiling, as his concentration improves when doing that. On the day of the test, Denki and Iwabee come by a building on fire. Iwabee goes in when he hears a woman despairing about her children in the building. Denki figures a building like that should have a sprinkler system, and finds it unusual it's not activating. Iwabee has to block an exit so the fire won't reach him and the children, and starts working on a wire box. At the Academy, Boruto worries about the two not showing up. Worried about Iwabee, Denki climbs the side of the building and enters through a window. He finds Iwabee's Earth Release wall, just as Iwabee finishes fixing the sprinkler system. The two take the children and climb down the side of the building. Boruto asks Shino to wait for Denki and Iwabee. The two arrive late. At Shino's office they explain why they were late. Shino decides they won't take the test, as tests are used to make sure they have the skills and knowledge for when something real happens, which they just did, prioritising human lives over a test. Shino passes the two. Their friends congratulate them.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Boruto UzumakiYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei YūkoAmanda Miller
MitsukiRyuichi Kijima木島 隆一Kijima RyūichiRobbie Daymond
Chōchō AkimichiRyoko Shiraishi白石 涼子Shiraishi RyōkoColleen O'Shaughnessey
Shikadai NaraKensho Ono小野 賢章Ono KenshōTodd Haberkorn
Inojin YamanakaAtsushi Abe阿部 敦Abe AtsushiSpike Spencer
Metal LeeRyo Nishitani西谷 亮Nishitani RyōBilly Kametz
Denki KaminarimonChihiro Ikki一木 千洋Ikki ChihiroErica Mendez
Iwabee YuinoShinya Hamazoe浜添 伸也Hamazoe Shin'yaRay Chase
Shino AburameShinji Kawada川田 紳司Kawada ShinjiDerek Stephen Prince
Rock LeeYoichi Masukawa増川 洋一Masukawa YōichiBrian Donovan
Kō AseHirokazu Sekido関戸 博一Sekido HirokazuBilly Kametz
Ahiru IkegawaAoi Inase稲瀬 葵Inase AoiErica Lindbeck
Fire site manKeisuke Machiya町屋 圭祐Machiya KeisukeBilly Kametz
MotherMariko Higashiuchi東内 マリ子Higashiuchi MarikoMelissa Fahn
GirlKumi Takaragi宝木 久美Takaragi KumiWendee Lee
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