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* {{Drilldown|List of Crystal Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Crystal Release}}
* {{Drilldown|List of Crystal Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Crystal Release}}
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[[Category:Chakra Natures]]

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The Crystal Release (晶遁, Shōton, English TV: Crystal Style) is a specialized field of Ninjutsu that can create crystal, as well as manipulate already-existing Crystals and crystalline structures. It is speculative that Crystal Release is an Earth-related ability, (a elementally-recomposed nature type of Earth Release and Yin/Yang Chakra Nature,) in light of it's capacity to manipulate the arrangement of minerals and the structure of molecules. It is seen only in the anime, and its only known user is a woman called Guren. This element appears to regularly use the Ram hand seal.

According to rumors that Tsunade had heard, Crystal Release can crystallize any substance. Using Crystal Ninjutsu, the user can crystallize any physical material and even the moisture that is present in the air around them, turning them into a weapon. In the case of human targets, Crystal Release can solidify its targets down to the cellular level, (similar to being frozen in Liquid nitrogen,) imprisoning and even killing the victim should the crystal ever be struck, reducing the mass of crystal and the victim down to crystalline dust.

Crystal Ninjutsu is strong against Earth and Water Ninjutsu as earth and water are physical masses that can be crystallized and then turned against the Crystal user's opponent. The only apparent weakness of the Crystal Release is that it cannot crystallize either raw energy or chakra as they have no physical mass to crystallize, allowing a person with either energy-based jutsu (such as Fire and Lightning Ninjutsu) or good chakra control to properly counter it. Jutsu which uses either energy or chakra have proven to be effective in combat against Crystal Ninjutsu. Crystal Release techniques are also suseptable to high frequency soundwaves: because crystal requires a very precise build-up of molecules, the proper soundwaves can break down the build-up before the crystal can properly form.

Wind Ninjutsu are in equal stance with Crystal Ninjutsu, as Naruto and Gamatatsu were able to pierce the huge crystal labyrinth using their new Collaberation jutsu, the Wind Release: Toad Gun technique, yet Guren was able crystalize the same technique and manipulate it into a dragon.

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